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50DR-001 Image

The 50DR-001 from JFW Industries is a 50 Ohm manual step attenuator that operates from DC to 1000 MHz. It has an attenuation range of 0 to 110 dB with 1 dB Steps. The attenuator is a dual rotary attenuator (i.e. two manual knobs). The small knob provides a 1 dB step and the large knob provides a 10 dB step. This attenuator can handle up to 2 Watts of Average Power and 1000 Watts of Peak Power. It is available in a connectorized module with BNC, TNC, N or SMA (female) type connectors. The attenuator has four mounting holes in the front plate to allow for easy panel mounting.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    JFW Industries
  • Description
    2 W Rotary Attenuator from DC to 1000 MHz

General Parameters

  • Type
  • Frequency
    DC to 1 GHz
  • Channels
    1 Channel
  • Attenuation Range
    Up to 110 dB with 1 dB & 10 dB Step
  • Attenuation Accuracy
    +/-0.2 to +/-0.3 dB
  • Power
    2 W
  • Peak Power
    1 kW
  • Insertion Loss
    0.5 dB
  • Impedance
    50 Ohms
  • VSWR
    1.2:1 to 1.4:1
  • Package Type
    Module with Connectors
  • Connector
    BNC, N Type, RPT, SMA, TNC, BNC - Female, N Type - Female, SMA - Female
  • Operating Temperature
    -20 to 85 Degree C

Technical Documents