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The M-FLEX Cable Assemblies from Carlisle Interconnect Technologies are Microwave Coaxial Cables that operate from DC to 70 GHz. They provide an RF shielding of over 90 dB to minimize crosstalk and maximize system performance. These cables have an outer diameter from 0.055-0.160 in. and have an insertion loss of less than 3.69 dB/ft. They have excellent electrical performance and are an alternative to traditional semi-rigid coaxial cables. These MIL-DTL-17 compliant cables have a precision helically wrapped, silver-plated, copper-foil inner shield which allows for excellent flexibility while providing 100% coverage. They are available with MCX, TNC, N, BMA, SMA, K (2.92 mm), SMP, SMPM and 1.85 mm connectors that have Carlisle IT’s anti-torque connector designs.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
  • Description
    Microwave Coaxial Cables from DC to 70 GHz

General Parameters

  • Application
    Commercial, Aerospace & Defence
  • Connector 1
    MCX, TNC, N Type, BMA, SMA, K Type, 2.92 mm, SMP, SMPM, 1.85 mm
  • Connector 1 Gender
    Female/Jack, Male/Plug
  • Connector 2
    MCX, TNC, N Type, BMA, SMA, K Type, 2.92 mm, SMP, SMPM
  • Connector 2 Gender
    Female/Jack, Male/Plug
  • Cable Diameter
    0.055 Inch, 0.100 Inch, 0.160 Inch
  • Cable
    0.047 Flexible, .086 Formable, .141 Flexible
  • Grade
    Commercial, Military
  • Type
  • Frequency
    6 to 70 GHz

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