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The Lepton7 x4 (Model R7104C) from CAEN RFID is an Ultra-Compact 4-Port RFID Reader Module for low power, high performance RAIN RFID applications. It operates from 865 to 928 MHz, has a programmable output power from 10 to 30 dBm and can detect tags at a range of more than 5 m (depending on antenna and tag dimensions). The module is based on the Impinj E710 chipset that provides fast reading speed and enables application in dense reader and dense tag environments. It has low-power consumption and is designed for easy integration in battery powered devices. The module requires a DC supply from 3 to 5.25 V and consumes less than 8 W of power.

The Lepton7 x4 (Model R7104C) has UART serial ports for connectivity. It complies to the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 – ISO18000-63 and is available in versions for both European and US regulatory environments, making it ideal for the integration in devices requiring compliance to different geographical regions. The module is available in a surface-mount package that measures 60.0 x 42.0 x 8.1 mm with 4 MMCX jack connectors for antenna ports and is suitable for voice-operated devices, point-of-sale readers, multi-regional label printers and applicators, and handheld applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Low-Power 4-Port RAIN RFID Reader Module for Battery-Powered Applications

General Parameters

  • Application
    Handheld devices, Multiregional label printers and applicators, Points of sale readers, Voice operated gloves
  • Band
  • Frequency
    865.6 to 867.6 MHz & 902 to 928 MHz
  • Read/Write
  • Read Distance
    5 m
  • Baud Rate
    9.6 to 921.6 kbps
  • Interface
    UART, Serial
  • Integrated Antenna
  • Antenna Ports
    4 x MMCX connectors
  • Protocol
    EPC Class 1 GEN 2
  • Power Consumption
    80 mW (Idle Mode) & 8 W (RF Out)
  • Voltage
    3.5 to 5.25 Vdc
  • Certifications
    ETSI EN 302 208 v. 3.3.1 & FCC part 15.247
  • Dimensions
    60 x 42 x 8.1 mm [2.36 x 1.65 x 0.32 in.]
  • Weight
    34 gm
  • Operating Temperature
    -20 to 70 Degree C
  • Note
    RF input Power:10 to 30 dBm ; Antenna Connectors:4 MMCX Jacks

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