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ST-N-1316-BO14 Image

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Fairview Microwave
  • Description
    Type N, SC Fixed Torque Wrench in Break-Over Type 13/16 inch Bit that is Pre-set to 14 in-lbs

General Parameters

  • Type
    Break Over
  • Connectors
    N Type
  • Applications
    Attaching test cables in Lab environments, Final production attachment, Field install and testing applications, Applying accurate torque, Avoiding over torque
  • Coupling Torque (in/lbs)
    14 in/lb
  • Coupling Torque (N/cm)
    158 N/cm
  • Torque Accuracy (in/lbs)
    ±0.56 in/lb
  • Torque Accuracy (N/cm)
    ±6 N/cm
  • Wrench head plating
  • Wrench head material
  • Color
  • Size
    13/16 Inch
  • Weight
    267.85 g

Technical Documents