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QWN Series

Waveguide Termination by QuinStar Technology Inc

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The QWN Series from QuinStar Technology Inc is a Waveguide Termination with Frequency 18 to 220 GHz, Average Power 1 to 5 W. More details for QWN Series can be seen below.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    QWN Series
  • Manufacturer
    QuinStar Technology Inc
  • Description
    Standard Waveguide Terminations 18 to 220 GHz

General Parameters

  • Flange
    UG-595, UG-599, UG-383, UG-385, UG-387, Round, Square
  • Frequency
    18 to 220 GHz
  • Average Power
    1 to 5 W
  • Band
    K Band, Ka Band, Q Band, U Band, V Band, E Band, W Band, F Band, D Band, G Band
  • Length
    22.8 to 84 mm
  • R Size
    R-220, R-320, R-400, R-500, R-620, R-740, R-900, R-1200, R-1400, R-1800
  • VSWR
    1.03:1, 1.12:1
  • WG Size
    WG-20, WG-22, WG-23, WG-24, WG-25, WG-26, WG-27, WG-28, WG-29, WG-30
  • WR Size
    WR-42, WR-28, WR-22, WR-19, WR-15, WR-12, WR-10, WR-8, WR-6, WR-5

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