News of Recent Activity in RF MEMS

This custom solution combines WiSpry’s proprietary, RF-MEMS digital capacitor technology in an RF-CMOS manufacturing process with advanced analog and digital support circuitry, in a true single-chip implementation with no external components. WiSpry’s unique approach also allows for a single-platform front-end device, which results in the need for fewer antennas and ubiquitous operation in every region in the globe. Handset manufacturers and carriers will also benefit from the increased performance through longer battery life, increased network capacity and fewer dropped calls. Finally, cost savings by using a consolidated front-end architecture, versus the current discrete approach, can also translate into lower handset prices or additional features being added. WiSpry released an initial standard product, the WSC 0805, featuring its Digitally Tunable Capacitor (TDC), technology in late 2008.
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