What are Color Coded Coaxial Adapters?

What are Color Coded coaxial interconnects? Why do we use them? Who makes them?

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May 1, 2021

Colour Coded coaxial Interconnect products make it easy to figure out if any two high frequency coaxial connectors can mate with each other. The connectors are color-coded according to an easy-to-follow color scheme making it easier to fit the right connectors/adapters with each other, without accidentally mis-mating and damaging the interconnects. These make life easier and save time, specially in the lab where DUTs constantly need to be plugged in to test equipment again and again. Rather than trying to figure out what connector is used in each case and then finding relevant adapters, using color coded interconnects simplifies this process.

Colour coded coaxial adapters were first introduced by Maury Microwaves few years ago. Using colours to differentiate various connectors is like using colours to represent different resistor values of resistors. Delta Electronics Manufacturing also introduced colour coded coaxial adapters in 2020.

Each colour identifies the mating connector type on each side of the adapter. For instance, each colour in the colour coded adapters from Delta Electronics identifies a specific connector interface, such as yellow for 2.92-mm connector interfaces, green for 2.4-mm connector interfaces, blue for 1.85-mm connector interfaces, and white for 1.0-mm connector interfaces. The colour codes also assist in determining the maximum operating frequency for the connectors.

As far as we know there are two companies that make color coded interconnects so far:

1. Maury Microwave - Click here to view their catalog.

2. Delta Electronics - Click here to view their catalog.

Colour Coding Scheme proposed by Maury Microwave