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Company Overview

The Core of All RF Spectrum Monitoring Applications | Monitor, detect & analyze complex waveforms in the rapidly evolving wireless landscape.

We provide real-time, networkable and software-defined RF spectrum analyzers & downconverter / tuners. They are compact, light, fanless/silent; require low power & can be deployed with/without a local PC. Our patented software-defined radio technologies cover broad frequency range & bandwidth with the best price to performance. With our application ecosystem you can develop your own RF solution, deploy wireless networks & conduct in-depth spectrum monitoring of complex high frequency signal environments.

Open APIs & proven integrations with industry leading software partners, you can build complete solutions for signal analysis & demodulation, spectrum monitoring, signals intelligence (SIGINT), technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), telecom planning, optimization, and management, custom RF applications, CBRS test-deployment & RF drive-test.

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