4D Imaging Sensor Solutions Based on RF Technology Help Detect COVID-19 Symptoms

4D Imaging Sensor Solutions Based on RF Technology Help Detect COVID-19 Symptoms

Vayyar, the world leader in 4D radar imaging, has announced that its innovative sensor technology is being used by the Israeli government to fight the spread of COVID-19. Vayyar's intelligent sensors provide touchless, remote and confidential monitoring to detect and monitor vital signs that can indicate early-stage COVID-19 symptoms. The data, including pulse, heart rate variability and respiratory rate, are all measured remotely, without the need for touch.

Vayyar's intelligent sensors can be placed in homes, hospitals, factories, airports, public transport, borders and more to provide real-time data, and by minimizing the need for face-to-face contact, reduce the risk of exposure for both medical and non-medical personnel.

Vayyar’s powerful and unique chip creates high-resolution images in real time based on advanced RF technology. The chip uses imaging and radar frequency bands from 3 - 81 GHz with 72 transmitters and 72 receivers. Enhanced by an integrated, high-performance DSP with large internal memory, Vayyar’s sensor executes complex imaging algorithms without any need for an external CPU.

With a multitude of signals being sent, received and analyzed, Vayyar technology creates high-resolution 4D images. Due to the integration of an unprecedented number of transceivers and an advanced DSP, their technology is able to create high-resolution contours with high accuracy.

Vayyar is collaborating with MAFAT (Israel's Defense Research & Development Directorate) and Israel's Naval Medical Institute. Vayyar's sensors have been successfully installed and are monitoring personnel in real-time to help detect early signs of the COVID-19 virus. Separately, The Israel National Emergency Team has successfully completed a test in which two systems were adapted for Vayyar sensors to analyze remotely, the vital data of patients.

Vayyar's sensors can work in any environmental condition, unaffected by line-of-sight, lighting or weather conditions and since they do not use cameras, personal privacy is always protected.

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