NuCurrent Helps Bring Wireless Charging Technology to the Masses

NuCurrent Helps Bring Wireless Charging Technology to the Masses

NuCurrent’s comprehensive Proven Wireless Power method is expected to guide the wireless power industry through the next wave of technology development and adoption. Leveraging its decade of experience in bringing products from concept to mass production, the company is revealing its proven methods to usher in the next generation of never-before-seen features and products.

Jacob Babcock, CEO of NuCurrent, said that customers are demanding and expecting wireless power in their electronic products, yet some of the world's largest companies have had costly, failed product launches due to planning, technology, and capability deficits. With NuCurrent's Center of Excellence—which has enabled Proven Wireless Power in more mass production products than any other company—more product developers will be able to take advantage of their technology and expertise to develop innovative product offerings. This is great news for the end consumers.

NuCurrent's comprehensive Proven Wireless Power method consists of five essential components needed to bring products to mass production successfully.

Groundbreaking Technological Innovation

NuCurrent has developed an extensive patent portfolio with 150+ patents granted and pending worldwide across a dozen (and counting) wireless power subspecialties including: antenna structure and design; multi-bay and extended range transmitters; simultaneous communications and power transfer; systems architecture, software, and more. These core inventions are coupled with an archive of trade secrets, state-of-the-art laboratories, simulation tools and design libraries.

World-class Wireless Power Expertise

NuCurrent's accomplished multidisciplinary team is composed of experienced architects, engineers (electrical, RF, mechanical and software), project managers and industry executives collectively responsible for tens of billions of electronics products sold in the market.

Proven Mass Production Capabilities

NuCurrent has simplified the path to product launch via its "Discover-Design-Deliver" process that advances products through to mass production. For over a decade, the company has cultivated strong connectivity throughout the industry with a global network of integrated circuit companies, manufacturing partners, and standards/regulatory bodies, all of which are influential to product launch success.

Flexible Engagement Model

NuCurrent has developed an engagement model designed specifically for sophisticated, high-volume electronics manufacturers. This approach makes the company's technology and expertise accessible via established supply chains and preferred vendors, resulting in efficient procurement and cost benefits.

"Customer-First" Partnership

"NuCurrent's 'customer-first' partnership focuses on two things," said VP of Sales & Marketing Tim Tumilty. "It certainly means that we prioritize our customers' needs. But it also means working with our customers to achieve first-of-their-kind innovations like we did with PopSockets, Klipsch and Honeywell on their flagship wireless power programs."

As part of NuCurrent's commitment to advancing Proven Wireless Power throughout the industry, the company will kick-off the second year of its global educational program that explores emerging aspects of wireless power product design, including:

  1. Devices Charging Devices: The Emerging Trend of Reverse Wireless Charging on February 24, 2021 at noon CT.
  2. To Qi or Not To Qi in March 2021.
  3. From Hello to Mass Production: Bringing Wireless Power to Market in April 2021.

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