New Generation of Aluminium Alloys Developed for Electric Vehicles and 5G Antennas

New Generation of Aluminium Alloys Developed for Electric Vehicles and 5G Antennas712370

Rio Tinto and Comptech are partnering to bring a new generation of aluminium alloys to the market for use in advanced technologies such as electric vehicles and 5G antennas. Rio Tinto’s metallurgical experts have designed the alloys for the semi-solid Rheocasting process offered by Comptech, to meet the requirements of producing large, specialized single-piece designs, known as giga-casting. The alloys offer high strength, electrical and thermal conductivity properties, while Rheocasting allows fast, low-cost production of advanced lightweight designs. The products are currently undergoing qualification with automakers in Europe.

Tolga Egrilmezer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Aluminium at Rio Tinto, said that through this partnership, they are delivering a new range of specialized alloys designed to deliver high performance, lower-cost solutions for advanced applications like electric vehicles and 5G antennas. This is an area of emerging demand where our industry-leading research and development capability allows us to deliver products that meet the specific needs of manufacturers and end customers.

Comptech Group CEO and owner Per Jansson stated that they are in the capacity ramp up for the next generation of advanced technologies across sectors such as automotive and communications, and their customers, both foundries and OEM´s will need the development of more advanced parts. This partnership positions them to offer customers the combined advantages of their casting process expertise and Rio Tinto’s technical strength and preferred alloys suite.

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