CommAgility Receives 5G Software Contracts for Over $2 Million in the First Half of 2021

CommAgility Receives 5G Software Contracts for Over $2 Million in the First Half of 2021

The Wireless Telecom Group, announced that CommAgility, its Radio, Baseband, and Software product group, has signed four new 5G software and services contracts in the first half of 2021. These four new contracts represent over $2 million of new orders received in the first two quarters of 2021 and together have a total potential contract value of over $6 million.

CommAgility’s software is being used in a variety of 5G technology development projects including programs that include 5G mmWave repeaters, 5G base stations and small cells, US Department of Defense 5G research projects, and private network deployment. In each case CommAgility customizes the software to the unique requirements of its clients’ projects, simplifying the development process, cutting time to market and reducing risk. Additionally, as a collaboration partner with NXP Semiconductor for its Layerscape Access Processors, CommAgility engineers are able to provide class-leading services and excellent support to others developing and deploying 5G products using the NXP platform.

Tim Whelan, CEO of Wireless Telecom Group, said that they are excited about the strong sales of 5G software in the first half of 2021 and continue to see a growing pipeline of 5G opportunities. With 5G deployment in early stages and the unique 5G hardware and software solutions and capabilities of CommAgility, Wireless Telecom Group is well positioned to be a leader in technology development for 5G enterprise networks, commercial applications, and private networks.

The CommAgility portfolio for 5G NR development includes pre-ported and validated PHY and Stack software, a 5G core, and a reference chain. This comprehensive portfolio of 5G NR software simplifies the development of 5G small cells and private networks. Integration with available hardware accelerators and libraries is made easier by the software's flexible architecture, and versions are available for both 5G gNodeB and UE product developers. CommAgility also offers the 5G Reference gNodeB, a pre-integrated system, including both hardware and software, which is based on the NXP Layerscape Access 5G integrated SoC chipset.

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