Corning Introduces High-Performance Cellular Solutions for Reliable Indoor 5G Connections

Corning Introduces High-Performance Cellular Solutions for Reliable Indoor 5G Connections

Corning Incorporated has introduced new high-performance cellular solutions designed to help network operators bring reliable 5G connections indoors with small-cell radio nodes that are easy to install and cost-effective to operate.

Corning's Everon™ mmWave indoor small-cell systems are designed to deliver 5G-ready coverage in high-density environments – including office buildings, factories, hotels, hospitals, and classrooms – where large amounts of data must be managed and transmitted. These systems are designed to operate at commonly used frequencies, including 28 GHz and 39 GHz, for carrier networks and enterprise network operators who are looking to bring reliable 5G connectivity indoors.

5G capabilities are at the forefront of enabling the world’s most advanced connectivity and unrivalled network speeds. Today, 80% of mobile traffic originates or terminates indoors, and some 5G frequencies do not penetrate physical barriers, such as walls, as well as 4G/LTE frequencies. With the demand on bandwidth intensifying, network operators will require reliable systems that bring 5G indoors.

Marc Bolick, Vice President and Wireless Business Leader, Corning Optical Communications, said that as more people return to offices, college campuses, hotels, and other highly concentrated environments, Corning's mmWave indoor small-cell systems are critical to meeting the growing demand for reliable 5G connectivity. Corning is working side by side with their customers to help them capture and realize the opportunities of 5G.

The new in-building cellular products are part of Corning's Everon Network Solutions, a new suite of optical network components for enterprise deployment. Corning will launch additional products in the Everon portfolio in the coming months.

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