Pivotal Commware to Demonstrate Live 5G mmWave at Mobile World Congress Los Angeles 2021

Pivotal Commware to Demonstrate Live 5G mmWave at Mobile World Congress Los Angeles 2021

Pivotal Commware, a global leader in 5G mmWave smart infrastructure products, will use VR streaming to demonstrate the power of 5G on a live commercial network at GSMA’s Mobile World Congress Los Angeles, October 26 to 28.

The company has installed its Pivot 5G network repeater in the Nixo patio lounge of the E-Central Hotel to redirect mmWave coverage from a nearby small cell to Pivotal’s indoor Echo 5G subscriber repeater. The Echo will draw the signal into a meeting room to power a virtual reality application. The same Pivot 5G repeater will direct mmWave coverage to nearby pedestrian venues, the beginning of what Pivotal calls “mmWave City.”

Pivotal’s CEO Brian Deutsch stated that they are excited to update MWC Los Angeles delegates on their mmWave product ecosystemPivot, Echo, WaveScape and IBMS – and its application to indoor and outdoor deployments, from MDUs and office lobbies to stadiums and airports. They will explain why Pivotal offers carriers the most comprehensive solution set for lowering their mmWave deployment costs. This year, they want delegates to experience VR so they understand how 5G mmWave can enable immersive experiences.

Pivotal will use PlutoSphere, a new VR streaming platform which allows people to bypass PC to stream high-end VR content directly from the edge cloud to headsets like Oculus Quest.

PlutoVR Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Forest Gibson stated that 5G speed and low-latency, combined with the 5G edge cloud, will improve the VR streaming experience and affordability – and take it mobile. VR streaming will grow as 5G mmWave coverage expands, and Pivotal is dedicated to that expansion.

Pivotal will also demonstrate its new C-band beamformer platform. “Holographic Beam Forming offers lowest cost, size, weight and power consumption beamformer at any band,” said Pivotal VP of Product Management Mersad Cavcic. “This platform will support CPE, base station and repeater products in C-band and CBRS.

Demonstrations will be conducted in the Figueroa Room of the E-Central Hotel at 1020 S. Figueroa Street in downtown Los Angeles. If interested in scheduling a one-on-one meeting with a Pivotal executive during the show, email a request.

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