APITech Launches Six New RF Testbeds for Rapid and Automated Testing for 5G and Wi-Fi 6E

APITech Launches Six New RF Testbeds for Rapid and Automated Testing for 5G and Wi-Fi 6E

APITech has launched six new RF Testbeds to enable rapid, repeatable and automated testing of 5G and Wi-Fi network elements, devices, chipsets, wireless links and services. All support the latest technologies and standards, including Wi-Fi 6E, 3GPP, Wi-Fi Alliance, and 5G RF environments.

APITech's six new RF testbeds enable emulation of real-world challenges, provide complete isolation and repeatable RF test environment, and reduce wireless test time from weeks to hours. They are ideal for device and network element certification, which demonstrates the highest achievable performance. Each RF testbed also comes with a digital lab assistant, which minimizes time-consuming testing and accelerates data collection.

"As new spectrum is made available, and as new opportunities for new use cases are created, the demands for testing those new use cases under real-world conditions becomes mission critical," noted David Cooper, APITech Vice President and Managing Director of Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions and Inmet & Weinschel. "We launched these six new RF testbeds to address this growing market."

"There's an inverse correlation between how easy 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi have scaled connectivity versus how complicated network elements and device testing have become," said Mr. Cooper. These new RF testbeds will help Research, Product Development, Prototyping, and Manufacturing to predict device and network performance when used in the real world, assuring they get their product to market on-time and on budget – and faster than the competition."

The new RF testbeds are part of APITech's overall commercial wireless solution set which includes coaxial attenuators and terminations, power solutions, filtering solutions and connectors, and RF, microwave and millimeter wave components.

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