Nokia Upgrades its Microwave Transport Portfolio of Indoor and Outdoor Backhaul Solutions

Nokia Upgrades its Microwave Transport Portfolio of Indoor and Outdoor Backhaul Solutions

Nokia has added new products to its industry-leading Wavence portfolio of indoor and outdoor backhaul solutions for mobile operators and mission-critical service providers. The new products cover all use cases including short-haul, long-haul, E-Band, and SDN, and offer a highly scalable, high-capacity solution.

The new Nokia Wavence MSS-XE is a scalable, compact indoor Split Mount solution that addresses high-capacity coverage requirements. MSS-XE’s small size supports a range of installation and deployment scenarios as well as indoor rack space constraints. It hosts seven 10 gigabit ethernet and four 1 gigabit ports for unmatched flexibility, scalability, and capacity. MSS-XE has low power consumption and can handle a wide temperature range spanning -40 degrees to 65 degrees Celsius. This is achieved without fans which improve reliability and decrease the need for maintenance. MSS-XE also provides an edge aggregation capability for both rural and suburban scenarios giving operators and their customers that much-needed capacity.

Nokia is also introducing an enhanced edition of the Nokia UBT-T XP dual-carrier radio with a new dual-band option for the spectrum bands 6 GHz and 11 GHz. Ideal for rural applications, these new solutions provide maximum flexibility for interference mitigation and spectrum efficiency while delivering high path performance and capacity.

Nokia has also introduced a Simplified RAN Transport (SRT) solution that complements the RAN with additional transport capabilities by leveraging the existing BTS transport resources and RAN management architecture. This delivers end-to-end service management and automation from RAN to the core throughout the whole transport network.

Giuseppe Targia, Vice President, Microwave Radio Links at Nokia said: “These new additions to our industry-leading Wavence portfolio offer flexibility, scalability, and capacity to mobile operators and mission-critical services across both the short-haul and long-haul segment. We continue to push the boundaries in microwave backhaul delivering innovations that let our customers add scalable coverage and capacity where it is needed.”

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