Energous WattUp PowerBridge Transmitter Approved for Long Distance Wireless Charging in Europe

Energous WattUp PowerBridge Transmitter Approved for Long Distance Wireless Charging in Europe

Energous Corporation has announced that its 1 W WattUp PowerBridge has completed regulatory review with an internationally accredited European Notified Body. The results of this review verify that the Energous 1 W WattUp PowerBridge transmitter complies with European technical requirements for radio equipment. The approval in Europe follows the recent FCC approval for the 1 W WattUp PowerBridge and opens new market opportunities for unlimited distance WattUp wireless power networks.

Energous continues to offer the widest array of industry-leading wireless power transfer technologies in the market today,” said Cesar Johnston, acting CEO of Energous. “This latest regulatory approval is a testament of Energous’ leadership in the industry. We are excited to work with our partners in Europe as they develop new WattUp-enabled devices.”

Energous has recently received two major regulatory approvals — including FCC approval of its 1 W WattUp PowerBridge transmitter for wireless power transfer at any distance as well as European regulatory approval for WattUp PowerHub — which expand the ecosystem reach, including customers, OEM partners and standards organizations – for its wireless charging technology. Energous’ rapidly expanding ecosystem of wireless charging solutions can now leverage the WattUp platform, which provides a strong wireless power network for a wide array of devices, from asset tracking tags to electronic shelf labels to industrial IoT sensors.

“This approval for WattUp over-the-air charging at any distance in Europe enhances our ongoing partnership with Energous and our ability to bring OTA wireless power solutions to customers in Europe,” said Markus Schriebl, Chief Executive Officer, TAGnology. “This opens up additional opportunities for Energous’ WattUp wireless power networks in Europe and allows us together to offer manufacturers in the region more approved WattUp-enabled wireless power options for a wide range of applications.”

“This major regulatory approval for Energous’ breakthrough technology opens many additional opportunities in Europe and around the world, including batteryless IoT devices and wearables,” said Sanjay Gupta, President of AirFuel Alliance. “AirFuel members continue to work closely with regulators to open up compliant pathways for wireless power to be transmitted over-the-air, benefiting manufacturers, consumers, and the environment alike.”

Capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously at-a-distance, Energous’ WattUp technology enables a variety of wireless charging scenarios from near field to far field over the air, at a wide range of distances. WattUp is suitable for a broad range of applications ranging from small form factor devices to industrial IoT sensors to larger electronics and peripherals. WattUp is the only RF-based wireless charging solution with regulatory approvals in over 100 countries and has solutions for both near field as well as far field charging.

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