Ferrite Microwave Technologies Moves into a Larger New Facility

Ferrite Microwave Technologies Moves into a Larger New Facility

Ferrite Microwave Technologies, a company producing solutions for tempering, cooking, heating and drying products across a wide range of industries has moved into a new facility for their Microwave Techniques Systems Division. The new, improved, and larger facility comes following their 2021 growth and expansion of the systems group. Most notably, with the acquisition of the IMS product family into the Microwave Techniques Systems Division.

As part of this new facility and building announcement, they recommend all Ferrite systems customers and vendors update their addresses. Their new systems division location is 104 Perimeter Road, Nashua, New Hampshire, 03063 USA.

The Microwave Techniques Systems Division incorporates the product lines, advanced engineering group, and microwave expertise from various legacy systems, generators, and component brands. This includes Ferrite, Mega, IMS, MCi, and FXR.

While the new facility focuses on industrial microwave system design, engineering, and manufacturing, their broader group also offers microwave component product manufacturing at two large facilities at their headquarters in Gorham, Maine.

After the IMS acquisition in July 2021, they moved to the new building to accommodate growth and support IMS production. As part of this, their capabilities have expanded into the development of single-mode microwave processing systems.

By adding the IMS processing lines and R&D expertise into their portfolio, they now stand as the global leader in industrial microwave applications. IMS continues its R&D, product engineering, and ongoing support of its legacy systems at a North Carolina based research laboratory. Their group now offers expansive high-power microwave component and system design, engineering, manufacturing, and ongoing product support across four facilities, in three states (ME, NH, and NC).

The Microwave Techniques group is well-equipped with the production capacity, engineering proficiency, applications knowledge, and global product support to take on any industrial microwave project and deliver system-level solutions.

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