OpenRF Completes Initial Phase of RF Power Level Measurements in 5G Handsets

OpenRF Completes Initial Phase of RF Power Level Measurements in 5G Handsets

The Open RF Association, an industry consortium dedicated to creating an open 5G ecosystem of interoperable hardware and software across member multi-mode RF (radio frequency) front-end and chipset platforms, has completed the initial phase, in collaboration with Signals Research Group, of a study determining RF power levels used in 5G handsets to help the industry better optimize data throughput performance and ultimately improve battery life.

This project is an important step toward optimizing battery life of 5G devices,” said Open RF Association President Kevin Schoenrock. “Comprehensive data around the power levels in 5G handsets will be critical for our members, and the industry, in order to develop leading-edge technologies to set the performance standard for next-generation wireless devices.”

Open RF Association members and affiliates have contributed data and analysis to the study, which the consortium will use to create a histogram showing RF power levels used in 5G handsets under real-world network conditions. Understanding network use cases will enable OpenRF members to develop best-in-class, optimized solutions.

With the field data collected from a commercial 5G SA network and the detailed analytical work that Signals Research Group performed on behalf of OpenRF, there are now 5G PA characterization profiles in place,” said Michael Thelander, President of Signals Research Group. “These profile curves will greatly benefit OpenRF and its member companies.”

The study is the first of a series commissioned by the Open RF Association to help update and improve power profile data as handsets and IoT wireless devices evolve with the buildout of 5G networks over time. The newly established usage curves will provide the industry with a key data set enabling interoperable system optimization among OpenRF members to improve system performance over time. OpenRF will continue working with Signals Research Group on the continued development of the study. Mobile Experts will also support the collection and integration of additional data as the study evolves to impact all 5G devices.

Signals Research Group is a thought-leading field research and consulting services firm covering the wireless telecommunications industry and Mobile Experts is a market analysis firm for the mobile infrastructure and mobile handset markets.

The initial study is expected to be released to members in June 2022. The consortium is welcoming additional field data from operators and chipset providers interested in further development of real-world baseline transmitter performance. To learn more about the project or contribute data, please contact the Open RF Association.

Click here to view the Version 1.0.0 specification enabling the groundwork for front-end chipset interoperability.

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