Arasan Accelerates Global 5G Rollout with its New MIPI RFFE v3.0 Host IP Solution

Arasan Accelerates Global 5G Rollout with its New MIPI RFFE v3.0 Host IP Solution

Arasan Chip Systems, a leading provider of Total IPTM solutions for today's Systems on Chip (SoC) market has announced that its silicon proven high performance and low power consumption MIPI RFFE 3.0SM Host IP and Device core IP for the mobile industry is now available.

Originally released in July 2010, the MIPI RF Front End Control Interface, MIPI RFFESM, is the world’s de facto standard interface for control of radio frequency (RF) front-end (FE) subsystems. It delivers fast, agile, semi-automated and comprehensive control of the complex RF subsystem environment, which has rigorous performance requirements and can include up to 19 components per bus instance (up to 15 slave devices and up to four master devices), including power amplifiers, LNAs, antenna tuners, filters and switches.

Arasan's MIPI RFFE 3.0SM Total IPTM Solution operates at the relatively high speed of 52 MHz featuring enhanced triggering features such as Timed triggers that allow tighter, synchronized timing control of multiple carrier aggregation configurations, Mappable triggers which enables groups of control functions to be remapped and extended triggers that boost the number of unique triggers available in the RF control system and accommodate increasingly complex radio architectures. It also features functionality for synchronizing and scheduling changes in register settings, either within a device or across multiple devices.

As smartphones and tablets have trained individuals to expect fast access to whatever information they desire, at any time and from any location, fast wireless network technologies like 5G, LTE are assisting in meeting that expectation. Arasan's total IP Solution for MIPI RFFE  3.0SM is designed to enable the tighter timing precision and lower latencies that manufacturers require today to accelerate the global rollout of 5G. It is designed to provide the RFFE interface for all common front-end devices and modules, like Power Amplifier, Low-Noise Amplifiers, Filters, Switches, Power Management Modules, and Antenna Sensors. These devices can reside in the same chip or in separate chips.

Arasan Mobile IP Solution for MIPI also includes a comprehensive portfolio of MIPI CSISM IP, DSISM IP, C-PHYSM IP and D-PHYSM IP on nodes down to 5 nm.

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