Trending 5G Products in 2022: July Edition

Trending 5G Products in 2022: July Edition

By leveraging cutting-edge techniques, 5G or fifth-generation cellular technology offers high-speed and low-latency connectivity. 5G technology is enabling immersive technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) by providing faster and more reliable data rates, lower latency, and lower cost per bit. In this article, everything RF has listed some interesting 5G products that were trending on the website in July 2022.

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360° Stackable Patch Antenna for 5G-NR Applications from 24 to 29.5 GHz

The P360°16 from Kreemo is a Stackable Patch Antenna that operates from 24 to 29.5 GHz. It has two 4x4 antenna elements stacked one on top of another and provides a peak gain of 16 dBi. This dual-polarized antenna has a 360° coverage (6 directions) and supports MU-MIMO. It provides a 360° solution using Kreemo’s SPA (Stackable Patch Antenna) technology to enable spherical beam coverage. Read more.

Tx/Rx Beamforming IC from 47.2 to 48.2 GHz for 5G-NR Applications

The ADMV4728 from Analog Devices is a Transmit/Receive Beamforming IC that operates from 47.2 to 48.2 GHz. It integrates 16 configurable transmit and receive channels which can be used as 8 dual-polarized horizontal and vertical channels. This chip operates in Tx/Rx half-duplex modes and uses external pins to provide fast TDD switching time. Read more.

Dual-channel Up/Down Converter from 24.25 to 29.5 GHz

The PE128300 from pSemi is a Dual-channel TDD Up-Down Converter with an RF frequency from 24.25-29.5 GHz to support 5G FR2 n258 and n257 frequency bands. This transceiver has up to 16 different mode definitions pre-stored and selectable via a single-byte SPI command. Mode definitions contain seven elements: LO power on/off, V/H RX power on/off, V/H TX power on/off, and V/H T/R switch state. Read more.

Power Amplifier from 3.3 to 3.7 GHz for 4G/5G Applications

The SKY66318-21 from Skyworks is a Power Amplifier that operates from 3300 to 3700 MHz. It has active biasing circuitry to compensate for performance over temperature, voltage, and process variations. The amplifier requires a single DC supply voltage of 5.0 V. It is ideal for use in 4G/5G enterprise small cell and massive MIMO, macro, and micro base station applications. Read more.

0.25 W Linear Power Amplifiers without DPD for 5G Applications from 2.5 to 2.7 GHz

The GRF5526 from Guerrilla RF is an RF Power Amplifier that operates from 2.5 to 2.7 GHz. It provides 30 dB of gain with a noise figure of 3.3 dB and a P1dB of 32.2 dBm. This two-stage InGaP HBT PA has exceptional native linearity, which makes it an ideal choice for transmitter applications that typically do not employ digital pre-distortion correction schemes. Read more.

8 W GaN Power Amplifier Module from 3.4 to 3.8 GHz

The QPA3810 from Qorvo is a fully integrated Two-Stage Doherty Power Amplifier Module that operates from 3.4 to 3.8 GHz. It delivers 8 W (~39 dBm) of output power with 33 dB of gain. This GaN amplifier incorporates a driver and Doherty final stage delivering high power-added efficiency for the entire module. It requires a DC supply of 48 V and consumes 106 mA of current (for the final stage carrier). Read more.

5G Front End module with LNA and DVGA from 3.3 GHz to 4 GHz

The F0453B from Renesas is an integrated dual-path RF front-end module that operates from 3.4 to 3.8 GHz. It consists of an RF switch and two low noise amplifier (LNA) stages in each path. This FEM can be used in the analog front-end receiver of an Active Antenna System (AAS). The LNA of the RF front-end provides a gain of 34.5 dB with 6 dB of gain control, a noise figure of 1.35 dB, P1dB of 15 dBm, and IP3 of 23 dBm. Read more.

5G-NR Sub-6 GHz Cellular Module for Global Connectivity

The EM9291 from Sierra Wireless is a 5G-NR Sub-6 GHz Cellular Module with 4G LTE and 3G fallback support. It delivers a peak download data rate of 4.9 Gbps and an upload data rate of 660 Mbps. This module has an embedded SIM for simplified & flexible IoT deployments with onboard carrier profile, M2M eUICC, and consumer eUICC. Read more.

5G NR Sub-6 GHz + C-V2X Modules for Automotive Applications

The AG55xQ Series from Quectel are 5G NR Sub-6 GHz + C-V2X Modules that are designed for automotive applications. They adopt 3GPP Rel-15 technology and support both 5G NR NSA and SA modes. These modules are based on the AEC-Q100 qualified Qualcomm SA515M chipset and deliver a downlink data rate of up to 2.4 Gbps (5G NSA), 1.6 Gbps (LTE-A), and an uplink data rate of up to 550 Mbps (5G NSA), 200 Mbps (LTE-A). Read more.

5G mmWave Up/Down Converter from 24.5 to 65 GHz

The FCE-V-TR-0001 from Farran is an up/down converter that can be used as a frequency extender for testing 5G Applications from 24.5 to 52.6 GHz. It is a unique, dedicated Transmit/Receive system for 5G, compliant with the most recent 3GPP release 17 millimeter-wave frequency ranges. It upconverts an input IF frequency of 6 GHz to 24.25-52.6 GHz and can down-convert an input RF frequency from 57-65 GHz to 6 GHz. Read more.

Broadband Up/Down Converters Specifically Built for 5G Applications

The D4000 from thinkRF is a frequency converter specially built for 5G NR FR2 applications. It has a frequency range from 50 MHz to 40 GHz. The Up & down conversion is done in the same box with no add-ons required. It has a high precision built-in OCXO that enables non-coherent modulation/demodulation. A 100 MHz sync signal allows the synchronization of multiple boxes and a 10 MHz sync signal allows seamless synchronization with most of the Sub-6 GHz T&M Equipment. Read more.

PXIe 5G mmWave Semiconductor Production Test Systems

The TS-900e-5G Series from Marvin Test Solutions are 5G mmWave Semiconductor Production Test Systems for applications requiring parallel, multi-site test capabilities. They provide production-proven 44 GHz signal delivery to the device under test (DUT), with optional VNA RF test capabilities to 53 GHz. These systems can support up to 40 independent VNA ports. Read more.

0.35 mm Pitch Flex-to-Board PCB Receptacle for 5G mmWave Applications

The 2153600064 from Molex is a 0.35mm Pitch Flex-to-Board PCB Receptacle that is designed for 5G mmWave applications. It can handle up to 1 A of current per contact and has a 50 V (RMS) maximum voltage rating. This receptacle has a durability of up to 10 mating cycles. It is available in a surface-mount embossed tape on the reel package and measures 2.30 x 0.60 mm. Read more.

Multi-Operator 5G Distributed Antenna System from 3700 to 3980 MHz

The ALLIANCE from SOLiD is a Multi-Operator 5G Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that operates from 3700 to 3980 MHz. This modular, multi-operator DAS solution supports public safety communications, 2-way radio, and commercial wireless services -all delivered over a single fiber and common headend. It provides a flexible system architecture where any ALLIANCE remote can operate in the same system. Read more.

4G LTE/5G-NR Digital Repeater from 2496 to 2690 MHz

The SDRX-43-BTF from Advanced RF Technologies is a 4G (TD-LTE)/5G-NR Digital Repeater that operates from 2496 to 2690 MHz. This repeater is the first carrier-grade high-power system that supports the entire 2.5 GHz BRS spectrum. It provides a system gain from 55 to 95 dB and has a noise figure of less than 5 dB. Read more.

Band Pass Filters from 5 to 30 GHz for 5G Applications

The mmW-FH Series from Benchmark Lark Technology are Band Pass Filters whose center frequency can be customized from 5 to 30 GHz. They can have passbands from 2% to 5% and over 35 dB of attenuation in the upper and lower stopbands. These filters are designed by combining two existing technologies such as planar substrates and cavities and allow easy interconnection with other printed circuit boards like microstrip, CPW, and strip-line. Read more.

5G Band Pass Filter with Passband from 27.825 to 28.025 GHz

The WBEX5-27625-27825-28025-28225-30CC from Wainwright Instruments is a Band Pass Filter with a passband from 27825 to 28025 MHz. It can handle an input power of up to 10 W, has a passband insertion loss of less than 3.5 dB, and provides a stopband attenuation of more than 30 dB. This filter is manufactured using a 5-section waveguide design and is available in a module that measures 77.5 x 20.5 x 9.7 mm with 2.92 mm male/female connectors. Read more.

2 Way Resistive Power Divider from DC to 26.5 GHz

The 802-3-13.250 from MECA is a 2-way resistive power divider that operates from DC to 26.5 GHz covering all bands from VHS thru X and the Ku band. It can handle up to 1 watt of power, has an insertion loss of under 8.5 dB and a VSWR of 1.40:1. The power divider is available in a module with 2.92mm connectors. Read more.

10 dB Directional Coupler from 617 to 5925 MHz for 5G Applications

The CC-610E from Microlab is a Directional Coupler that operates from 617 to 5925 MHz. It provides a nominal coupling of 10 dB with directivity of more than 17 dB. This coupler can handle an average input power of 300 W and a peak input power of up to 1 kW. It has a PIM of -161 dBc (tested with 2x +43 dBm) and a VSWR of less than 1.3:1. Read more.

5 GHz GaN on SiC General-Purpose Amplifier for LTE/5G Applications

The WSGPA01 from Wolfspeed is a Discrete General-Purpose Amplifier (GPA) that operates from DC to 5 GHz. It provides a small signal gain of 16.3 dB with a drain efficiency better than 18.2% and P3dB of 10 W. The amplifier requires a 48 V supply voltage and draws 25 mA of current. It is based on a GaN on SiC High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) technology. Read more.

Flexible Adhesive Mount Antenna for 5G-NR Applications from 617 to 5925 MHz

The 2JF0683P from 2J Antennas is a 5G-NR Flexible Polymer Antenna that operates from 617 – 960 MHz, 1427 – 2690 MHz, 3300 – 5000 MHz, and 5150 – 5925 MHz. This linearly polarized antenna provides a peak gain of 4.2 dBi and has a VSWR of less than 3.4:1. It has an omnidirectional radiation pattern and an efficiency of up to 56%. Read more.

5G/4G Monopole Antenna from 617 to 7125 MHz

The LPT600/71DMNW from Pulse Electronics is a 5G/4G Monopole Antenna that operates from 617 – 960/1710 – 2700/3300 – 4200/ 4400 – 5000/ 5150 – 5925/6000 – 7125 MHz. This vertically polarized antenna provides a peak gain of up to 6.9 dBi with an average efficiency of more than 67%. It has an omnidirectional radiation pattern and a vertical HPBW from 25 to 65°. Read more.

2-Port Low-PIM MIMO Panel Antenna from 617 to 6000 MHz

The HG65807XPPR-NF from L-COM is a 2-Port MIMO Panel Antenna that operates in the sub-6 GHz bands covering the 617-960 MHz, 1710-2700 MHz, 3300-4200 MHz, and 4900-6000 MHz bands. This ±45° slant polarized antenna provides up to 7 dBi of gain and has a VSWR of less than 2:1. It has a horizontal HPBW of up to 80° and a vertical beamwidth of up to 70°. Read more.

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