AmpliTech Joins Meta's Telecom Infra Project

AmpliTech Joins Meta's Telecom Infra Project

AmpliTech Group, a designer, developer, and manufacturer of state-of-the-art signal-processing components for satellite, 5G, and other communications networks, has announced that it has been awarded membership to join the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), a telecom focused organization formed by Meta Platforms.

TIP was formed by Meta to align industry leaders in the telecom space as an engineering-focused initiative that brings operators, infrastructure providers, system integrators, and other technology companies together to collaborate on the development of new technologies as well as reimagine traditional approaches to building and deploying telecom network infrastructure.

AmpliTech is joining the project shortly after the launch of its new division, TGSS, which is focused on designing, building, integrating, deploying, and maintaining complete 5G systems as a managed service. The Company also manufactures leading low noise amplifier designs that increase throughput and reliability, leading to higher data transmission throughput and decreased network downtime.

Founder and CEO Fawad Maqbool stated, “AmpliTech is proud to join the prestigious TIP organization and be recognized as a leading enabler of next-gen telecom networks that will power the future of mobile networking technology. AmpliTech was founded with the mission of enabling human connectivity like never before. From the start, we anticipated the day when telecom networks would simply not be able to support the increased data transmission rates required by the broader industry. Everything we have built has been to address this impending challenge.”

“Meta established the TIP program to draw attention to the lack of performance in the telecom infrastructure that enables developments like augmented reality/ virtual reality, metaverse, and high-resolution video streaming, and collaborate with industry leaders to address solutions to this problem. AmpliTech currently offers solutions which include leading edge performance Low Noise Amplifiers that enable data transfer to occur at higher speeds. Joining TIP brings us into a group of like-minded contributors focused on improving the world’s telecom infrastructure. We’re excited to be in a position to contribute to this cause as we all work together to meet the challenges the industry is facing today,” concluded Mr. Maqbool.

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