Parsec Unveils High-Performance C-Band Antennas for Private 5G Networks

Parsec Unveils High-Performance C-Band Antennas for Private 5G Networks

Parsec Antennas, an American high-performance antenna manufacturer, has unveiled two new 4-in-1 antennas optimized for maximum speed, coverage and capacity in the C-Band spectrum. The Parsec Chinook and Greyhound series 4x4 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antennas deliver outstanding mid-band performance for high-speed private 5G/ LTE networks.

As Tier 1 service providers build out 5G networks using the C-Band spectrum, enterprises, manufacturers, schools and governments can leverage the perfect blend of high bandwidth and extended coverage offered by mid-band frequencies. The Parsec C-Band antennas are ideally suited to harness that power, enabling high-speed, high-efficiency networking applications such as remote learning, video monitoring, corporate campuses, retail, fixed wireless and IoT connectivity.

The Chinook Series antennas are optimized for directional transmission over C-Band, yet they also offers omnidirectional operation across the full 5G new radio (NR) frequency range from 600 MHz to 6 GHz. This versatile 4X4 MIMO antennas are capable of delivering faster data transmission speeds for both upload and download.

Parsec’s Greyhound Series are rugged, high-power, 4x4 MIMO antennas that maximizes C-Band speed and performance with high-gain directional patterns and excellent port-to-port isolation across mid-band. The robust Greyhound antennas are perfectly positioned for high-capacity networks for reliable enterprise connectivity.

“As the first to introduce a portfolio of 5G NR antennas operating in the full 600 MHz – 6 GHz range, Parsec is blazing a trail to pervasive, high-speed wireless connectivity,” said Michael Neenan, CEO of Parsec. “Our latest C-Band antennas continue the Parsec best-in-class tradition, delivering the ultimate performance to allow our customers to fully realize the true innovation that C-Band empowers.”

Parsec’s 4x4 MIMO antennas offer industry-leading throughput and reliability in a compact housing that can be pole or wall-mounted. The new Chinook and Greyhound series C-Band antennas work with all the major U.S. service provider networks, and are designed to support the industry’s latest wireless routers and gateways.

Parsec solutions including the new Chinook and Greyhound C-Band antennas are on display during MWC Las Vegas 2022, September 28-30. Visit Parsec Technologies in the OnGo Alliance pavilion #W1.440.

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