RFHIC Re-Brands to Focus on GaN Solutions for Various Industry Segments

RFHIC Re-Brands to Focus on GaN Solutions for Various Industry Segments

RFHIC, a leading manufacturer of GaN RF & Microwave products recently rebranded the company to better reflect their focus and growth ambitions not only in wireless infrastructure and radar, but in industrial, scientific, medical, and OEM solutions. RFHIC is a global leader in designing and manufacturing GaN-based radio frequency (RF) & microwave (MW) devices to high power generator systems for various applications in Telco, Defense & Aerospace, and RF Energy applications.

New RFHIC LogoRFHIC provides gallium-nitride (GaN) device to high-powered system solutions for globally renowned companies and organizations around the world. They are a global leader in providing radio frequency (RF) & microwave (MW) solutions utilizing Gallium Nitride (GaN) for various applications in wireless infrastructure, commercial and military radar, and industrial/scientific/medical (ISM) industries.

For decades RFHIC have been harnessing the potential of GaN for Telecom, Defense, and RF Energy industries. Their product capabilities range from device to high-power microwave systems all within their one-stop GaN facility. 

RFHIC's one-stop GaN solution provides cutting-edge services that include:

  • GaN Device Capability: Provides gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon-carbide (SiC) transistor design, assembly, and testing capabilities.
  • GaN Solid-State Amplifier Capability: They can provide in-house gallium-nitride (GaN) on silicon-carbide (SiC) pallet and module (power amplifier) design and manufacturing capabilities.
  • GaN Solid-State Microwave Generator System Capability: Provides gallium nitride (GaN) solid-state high power microwave generator system design and manufacturing capabilities. Operable from 500 MHz to 10 GHz with power levels capable upto multi-kWs. Click here to see their range of microwave generators.
  • In-house A/S Support Capability: Being experts from GaN device to system level allows them to provide fast and efficient in-house after service support for customers.

RFHIC shares a continuous passion for innovation and quality with the end goals of creating a better connected, safer, stronger world for generations to come.

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