Rapidtek Showcases its Latest Innovative Active Electrical Scan Array Designs at Satellite 2023

Rapidtek Showcases its Latest Innovative Active Electrical Scan Array Designs at Satellite 2023

Rapidtek, a leading Taiwanese phased array antenna design, and RF testing solution provider, has announced is showcasing its latest innovations for the satellite sector at the Taiwan Pavilion of Satellite 2023. With three consecutive years of attendance at the event, Rapidtek has kept well connected with the worldwide prominent partners in the industry and is dedicated to staying at the forefront of advancements in low earth orbit satellite technology.

Rapidtek established its Advanced RF R&D Center last year and extend the CubeSat Integration and Testing Laboratory with the experts of National Central University this February. These new facilities show it is staying at the cutting edge of advancements in satellite technology. By investing in research and development, Rapidtek aims to continue providing its clients with the best service and solutions.

"We are thrilled to participate in Satellite Show 2023," said Arthur Wang, founder and CEO of Rapidtek. "This event provides a unique opportunity for us to showcase our latest solutions, connect with industry experts and explore new business opportunities."

During the event, Rapidtek is showcasing its range of innovative active electrical scan array (AESA) designs and RF testing solutions, such as phased array antennas, communication payloads, and up-down converters, a whole range of lines offers reliable and high-performance connectivity for a variety of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite applications. As a company that has been selected to deliver in Taiwan Space Agency's 3U CubeSat project, Rapidtek will be on hand to discuss its latest offerings and share insights into the industry's latest trends and advancements.

"We are confident that our solutions will appeal to a wide range of attendees at the Satellite Show," added Alex Chou, CTO of Rapidtek. "Our products are designed to meet the needs of customers in the low earth orbit satellite and CubeSat industries, and we look forward to connecting with new partners and exploring new business opportunities."

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