Huawei Announces the Emergence of 5.5G Technology at GSMA's M360 Asia Pacific Summit

Huawei Announces the Emergence of 5.5G Technology at GSMA's M360 Asia Pacific Summit

In a groundbreaking announcement at the GSMA’s M360 Asia Pacific Summit in Seoul, Dr. Philip Song, Chief Marketing Officer at Huawei CNBG, declared that standardized 5.5G (5G-A) technology has officially emerged, marking a significant leap forward in the world of telecommunications. He stated that standardized 5.5G (5G-A) technology is “turning uncertainty into certainty”, as reported by Developing Telecoms in a recent article.

Ultra-broadband spectrum resources are the basis for a 10-gigabit downlink in 5.5G (5G-A), but the main challenge is coverage, explained Song. Extremely large antenna array (ELAA) technology, which has been adopted by Huawei for both the 6GHz and mmWave spectrum bands, is capable of improving coverage while delivering a 10 Gigabit experience in the downlink.

For uplink, Huawei‘s enhanced solutions decouple the uplink and downlink to realize multi-band convergence and high uplink rates.

Additionally, Passive IoT in 5.5G (5G-A) is expected to unlock a market of 100 billion connections by combining 5.5G (5G-A) Passive IoT technology, cellular networks, and passive tags. Its advantages include wide coverage, low cost, and positioning support for different scenarios, including smart warehousing, digital production management, logistics, and retail.

Higher demands are placed on networks by automated control and manufacturing automation than by the remote control of machines, which requires latencies to be less than 10ms and reliability to be in the order of five or even six nines. To meet these requirements, innovative technologies like dual fed and selective receiving and deterministic uplink and downlink scheduling have been applied to realize high-deterministic network connectivity that supports high concurrency, said Song.

Song also stated that, with the first 3GPP standard for 5.5G (5G-A), Release 18, expected to be frozen in the first half of 2024, another milestone will be reached; and “Huawei is ready to work with global carriers and ecosystem partners in the drive towards the 5.5G (5G-A) era…so creating a thriving ecosystem to help more consumers and industries go digital.”

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