Signal Hound Showcasing Cutting-Edge Switches, Signal Generators, and Spectrum Analyzers at IMS 2024

Signal Hound Showcasing Cutting-Edge Switches, Signal Generators, and Spectrum Analyzers at IMS 2024

Signal Hound is attending the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Washington, D.C. from June 16 – 21, 2024 and will be present at booth #1209. The team is displaying cutting-edge RF/Microwave products that include switches, RF signal generators and RF spectrum analyzers.

Key Products to be Showcased at IMS 2024

The RFS44 44 GHz 4-Port RF Switch

The RFS44, a SP4T absorptive solid-state switch, enables RF switching up to 44 GHz across four ports, supporting LF to Ka-band, and facilitates pseudo-doppler direction finding with fast switch speed. This antenna switch utilizes advanced RF architecture design, along with high-quality components, to provide vital features and enable concise data acquisition when switching across varied frequencies in diverse RF environments. 

The RFS8 8 GHz 8-Port RF Switch

The RFS8, a high-speed SP8T switch using SOI technology, supports RF switching up to 8 GHz with 100 ns rise/fall times, ideal for pseudo-doppler direction finding and multi-band sweeping applications.

The VSG60A 6 GHz Signal Generator

The VSG60A is a 6 GHz vector signal generator with 40 MHz of real-time streaming bandwidth, offering compact, incredible performance and can generate nearly any signal type.

The SP145 14.5 GHz RF Analyzer

The USB-C-powered SP145 is a high-performance 14.5 GHz real-time spectrum analyzer and monitoring receiver. It features 200 GHz/sec sweep speed, 40 MHz streaming bandwidth, -160 dBm displayed noise average, and an internal GPS for enhanced field measurements.

The SM435B 43.5 GHz Analyzer

The new SM435B is a spin on our powerful SM200B, taking the RF tuning range up to 43.5 GHz! With many of the same features as the SM200-series analyzers, the 435 delivers lightning-fast performance at a fraction of the cost of comparable analyzers. In stock, and ready to ship!

The SM435C 43.5 GHz Analyzer

The SM435C 10GbE-connected spectrum analyzer tunes to 43.5 GHz and connects to a PC over long distances via fiber optic data cable for RF analysis. Perfect for benchtop RF measurements, remote RF analysis, and spectrum monitoring, the SM435C is adaptable and powerful.

Stop by the Signal Hound booth to learn more about the company and product portfolio. Click here to view everything RF's comprehensive coverage of IMS 2024.

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