ARCA Telecom to Use Anite’s Solution for Benchmarking LTE network

Anite has announced that Arca Telecom, has chosen their Nemo Xynergy for a major benchmarking project with Orange Spain. Arca Telecom provides network deployment and operation services to the main telecom operators in Spain. They will be using the Nemo Xynergy Drive Test module for automated processing and centralized online management of collected data from Orange Spain’s LTE network. The test module will gather data from benchmarking campaigns into one repository and automatically generate consolidated reports and interactive dashboards. The data will also be used by Orange engineers for optimization of the network - for improved service usage by end customers. Nemo Xynergy is used as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.

Nemo Xynergy is a powerful, scalable, and easy-to-use web-based enterprise level platform for analyzing drive test, OSS call trace, small cell/DAS, and network management data. It consists of four separate modules: Drive Test, Small Cells, Network Management, and CEM. Nemo Xynergy automates key tasks in the network management life cycle. The platform is data source agnostic (supporting multiple data sources), technology agnostic (supporting the latest wireless technologies, such as LTE/4G and, 3G/2G technologies) and vendor agnostic (supporting multiple equipment vendors). It has a unique user-definable Business Rules Engine for easy customization of the platform and creative data correlation.

Nemo Xynergy’s innovative features provide significant efficiency gains. In addition to increased automation, engineers can immediately access the data and troubleshoot any issue using the efficient analysis features. This will enable Orange Spain to further improve the quality of their 4G network.

Nemo Xynergy enables operators to automate the whole reporting process of benchmarking campaigns and will provide Orange Spain with reports in the form of dashboards in near-real time, so that they can immediately analyze measurement results. This solution will enable Orange to generate reports quickly and easily without the need to further process the data - to obtain the final desired format and begin analysis and troubleshooting. This umbrella view of network quality combined with efficiency give opportunities for reducing OPEX.

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