CST Releases 2017 Student Edition of the CST STUDIO SUITE

Computer Simulation Technology (CST) has introduced the student version of their CST STUDIO SUITE. The 2017 Student Edition was launched at IMS 2017 event in Honolulu, Hawaii. The student version is a free version of the CST electromagnetic simulation tooland is part of their educational program to support learning, teaching and research at academic institutions.

The CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition contains versatile high-frequency time domain and frequency domain solvers as well as the static and thermal solvers. It is supported by a set of online examples showing how classic textbook problems can be solved using simulations. The software can be incorporated into the coursework for a class, and the online examples mean that it can also be used by individual students for independent extracurricular learning at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Version 2017 of the Student Edition includes technology improvements from the full CST STUDIO SUITE 2017 released earlier in the year. Click here to download the CST STUDIO SUITE Student Edition 2017.

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