Qorvo RF Accelerator Program Encourages Designers to Build Innovative Wireless Solutions

Qorvo RF Accelerator Program Encourages Designers to Build Innovative Wireless Solutions

Qorvo, has teamed up with crowd-funding platform, Crowd Supply, to create the Qorvo RF Accelerator. It is a novel approach that uses the campaign model from the crowd-funding phenomenon combined with mentorship and open hardware to create a design and funding incubator. The result: a unique opportunity for RF designers to fuel the next big idea and help bring it to market.

Whether still in the ideation phase or in the final design concept set – bringing a new IoT or wireless product to market is not easy. Given the growing technological boundaries, introducing a successful new product today, can be a daunting task. The Qorvo RF Accelerator has been developed to handle this challenge and foster support for the aspiring RF designers and engineers, leading RF solutions expert.

Designers enrolled in the Qorvo RF Accelerator can create and market new products with Qorvo chips – from gathering funding, to manufacturing and shipping a product to real, paying customers – all managed through the Crowd Supply platform. The Qorvo RF Accelerator will continue throughout 2019 and accept 10 projects in total. While designing, funding, manufacturing, and shipping a new product to happy customers is a reward unto itself, it can't hurt to have some extra incentives along the way. Qorvo is partnering with Mouser Electronics and Crowd Supply to offer participants a wide array of support and prizes.

Crowd Supply is both a crowd-funding and e-commerce platform. Through the platform, participants launch their projects with 30- to 45-day campaigns to raise funds for production from paying backers – everyone from hobbyists to some of the world’s largest companies.

Support Package for All Entries Includes:
  • Promotion across Qorvo, Mouser, and Crowd Supply channels
  • Reduced-price parts for the initial production run
  • Free pass to the Teardown 2019 conference
  • Reduced Crowd Supply campaign fee
  • Bill of materials and marketing review consultations

Special Recognition for Select Entries:
  • 1 x Best of Show, Judge's Choice Award
  • 1 x Best of Show, People's Choice Award
  • 5 x Reduced-price parts for extended production run (10x initial run)
  • 5 x Crowd Supply fulfillment fee credit for on-time delivery to the backer
How to Participate:

To enroll in a 30-day Crowd Supply campaign that showcases Qorvo products, first fill out the Crowd Supply project submission form and mention that you're interested in the Qorvo RF Accelerator. Crowd Supply selects projects based on the following criteria:

  • Originality: the design concept should add something new and exciting to the world. Improvements on existing projects are fine
     knock-offs are not.
  • Usefulness: it should address a real need. Just because it's possible, doesn't mean it should be done.
  • Respectfulness: it should honor user rights: curiosity, independence, association, longevity, transfer, discourse, privacy, and security.

To be eligible to participate in the accelerator, your project must uniquely use one or (preferably) more Qorvo components and pass the rigorous vetting process applied to all Crowd Supply projects.

Participating Projects
Ideas to Inspire

While all projects using Qorvo components will be considered, here are some specific areas of interest and parts to inspire:

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