4,000 Watt GaN on SiC Amplifier for SATCOM Links from 1750 to 2120 MHz

4,000 Watt GaN on SiC Amplifier for SATCOM Links from 1750 to 2120 MHz

Empower RF Systems, a technology leader in high power amplifier solutions for reliable communications, defense, and industrial applications, has introduced a new high power GaN on SiC CW amplifier that can deliver up to 4 KW of CW power from 1750 to 2120 MHz.

The model 2176, is 27 inches tall, making it less than half the size of the typical legacy uplink HPA’s that it replaces. The slightly broader band brings flexibility to transmit in either of the two uplink channels. Besides the dramatic size reduction, the upgrade from legacy design to a next-generation SSPA from Empower RF brings greater reliability and improved spectral purity for increased data rates. 

This S-Band SSPA is based on Empower’s established and field-proven Next Generation architecture that is tactically deployed in a variety of critical DoD missions. The 2176 comes complete with an internal directional coupler, external forward and reverse sample ports, and an easy to use web GUI. In-depth health monitoring with alarms visible on the front panel are also pushed out via the LAN port. Output modes include Manual Gain Control (MGC), AGC and ALC which provide flexibility when integrating into legacy uplink systems. For critical “on air” applications, the 2176 provides "Graceful Output Power Degradation", backing down power to a safe operating level in the event of component failure or excessive Load VSWR condition.

Product Highlights
  • Higher Availability and Efficiency
  • Delivers 4K Watt CW  and 2KW RMS at 3.6 PAR from 1750 to 2120 MHz
  • 2X Improvement in SWaP
  • Waveform Flexibility
  • Rugged for Mobile Deployment
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Active RF Device Redundancy- Graceful Output Power Degradation  

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