Mega Industries & Ferrite Microwave Merge to form a Global Leader in High Power Microwave Systems

Mega Industries & Ferrite Microwave Merge to form a Global Leader in High Power Microwave Systems

Mega Industries LLC and Ferrite Microwave Technologies (FMT) have merged to form a new holding company called Microwave Techniques LLC. This holding company also includes Micro Communications (MCI) and FXR microwave dummy load product lines, which were both acquired in recent years by Mega Industries.

The combination of Mega, Ferrite (FMT), Micro Communications (MCI) and the FXR Microwave dummy load product lines will create a global leader in high power microwave systems and components, offering customers around the world a single source to support their most demanding high power microwave needs (Circulators, Loads, Flexible and Rigid Waveguide, Combiners, Coaxial Components plus a complete line of microwave heating and tempering systems).

Given the complementary product portfolios, the two companies have worked together for years which will help ensure a seamless integration over the coming years. The merger of FMT and Mega can be an industry game-changer and makes perfect sense for their employees and customers. Strategically the fit is ideal given the proximity, alignment of the companies cultures/teams and complementary product offerings.

The group’s combined engineering, operations, and sales teams will work to enable system-level benefits to its thousands of customers across the Broadcast, Research/High Energy Physics, Radar systems, Space, Defense, Food and Heating markets. The FMT, Mega, MCI, Microwave Techniques group manufactures the widest line of high power RF components and systems, including circulators, isolators, loads, rigid waveguides, flexible waveguides, coaxial components, ultra-high vacuum components, and broadcast components, in sizes WR28 through WR2300 supporting 50 MHz to 50 GHz that handle power levels ranging from 5 W to well over 50 MW. Ferrite is also the global leader in Industrial Microwave Systems with an installed base of thousands of complete solutions for tempering, cooking, and heating which supports a wide range of industries.

Microwave Techniques, LLC is a Holding Company and Global Leader in High Power Microwave Solutions originally acquired in 1991 and now reinstituted with the 2020 merger of Mega Industries and Ferrite Microwave Technologies (FMT). The deal terms have not been announced. The combined company will continue to use the various brand names, employ over 100 people with close to 85,000 sq. ft. of production capacity across the two facilities in Maine and New Hampshire. Corresponding with this announcement the new Microwave Techniques, LLC website has also been launched which provides an overview of the group and their capabilities and products.

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