STAr Technologies Acquires Accel-RF to Expand its RF Test Portfolio

STAr Technologies Acquires Accel-RF to Expand its RF Test Portfolio

STAr Technologies, a Taiwan based specialist in semiconductor reliability test systems and probe cards, has announced the acquisition of Accel-RF Instruments Corporation located in San Diego, California, USA. Accel-RF is a reliability testing equipment supplier. Founded in 2003, with experience in microwave circuit design, RF component reliability testing, and comprehensive reliability test methodology development, Accel-RF has been a facilitator for industry adoption of compound semiconductor transistors and MMICs into space, military, and the commercial wireless markets. Accel-RF has supplied reliability test systems to top-tier semiconductor and aerospace defense users throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia. They are the only provider of fully integrated, scalable, turnkey systems that provide dynamic, multi-dimensional, RF, DC and temperature tests on one platform through a powerful graphical user interface, in a small footprint.

This acquisition significantly enhances STAr Technologies’ reliability test offerings with the addition of Accel-RF’s industry-leading high-temperature RF and high-voltage switching reliability test systems for compound semiconductors, such as Gallium-Nitride (GaN) and Silicon-Carbide (SiC).

As a member of STAr’s global connection, Accel-RF will solidify its commitment to providing strong technical expertise to the compound semiconductor reliability community. Accel-RF is looking forward to a collaborative future with STAr Technologies in pursuit of advanced test solutions that will reinforce their longstanding position as a leading RF and power semiconductor reliability test innovator.

The acquisition of Accel-RF is another step towards strengthening STAr Technologies’ presence in wireless industry markets, including RF through millimeter-wave applications. The combination of STAr Technologies’ expertise in DC-AC and now extending into RF with Accel-RF, creates a formidable platform for addressing rapidly growing applications such as 5G, LIDAR, photonics, and advanced radar systems.

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