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The SiO2 cable assemblies from Times Microwave have been developed for the toughest interconnect applications. They have a stainless steel outer jacket with a copper outer conductor and a low density, high purity Silicon Dioxide dielectric. The use of advanced equipment and materials results in the production of a low loss, high velocity dielectric with consistent properties from run to run. This results in excellent phase versus temperature and loss versus temperature performance and excellent repeatability of these characteristics from lot to lot. Compared to other cable types, SiO2 cable provides exceptionally low hysteresis, with phase and loss values returning to the same values at a given temperature even after extreme excursions. This assembly does not face the PTFE knee issue.

The development of hermetically sealed intermediate sections allows the use of the full range of Times Microwave Systems connectors. Nonreplaceable connectors are also available. All connectors for Times' SiO2 cable assemblies use a crack-free, fired glass seal to provide the optimum microwave performance and hermetic sealing. Attachment to the cable can be done via laser welding.

The SiO2 intermediate sections are completely compatible with Times Microwave Multiport™ and Minimultiport™ connector systems, Zero dB™ and equalizer products, Blind Mate™ antenna systems, and all of their self-locking, field-replaceable connectors in a wide range of interfaces and configurations. 

For space applications, low PIM and Multipaction-resistant connectors are also available.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    SiO2 Cables Assemblies
  • Manufacturer
    Times Microwave Systems
  • Description
    Semi-Rigid Phase Stable Cables Assemblies for High Radiation Environments

General Parameters

  • Application
    Aerospace & Defence, Space, Space
  • Connector 1
    N Type, SMA
  • Connector 1 Gender
    Female/Jack, Male/Plug
  • Bend Radius
    0.3 to 1 in
  • Connector 2
    N Type, SMA
  • Connector 2 Gender
    Female/Jack, Male/Plug
  • Cable Diameter
    0.090 to 0.270 in
  • Center Conductor
    Copper per ASTM B-75
  • Grade
    Commercial, Military, Space, Space Qualified
  • Impedance
    50 Ohms
  • Shielding Effectiveness
    > 110 dB
  • Type
  • Capacitance
    25 pF/ft
  • Frequency
    18.5 to 64 GHz

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