What is EMI Testing?

What is Electromagnetic Interference Testing?

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- Rohde & Schwarz

Apr 9, 2019

When we say “EMI testing,” we are usually referring to measuring the electromagnetic fields emitted by an electronic product and then deciding if the measured values are too high. That is to say whether or not they will cause interference to other devices. These emissions may be radiated through the air or conducted through a product's power leads or input/output ports. One of the big challenges in EMI testing is that there are many different military and commercial standards that you may have to test to, including FCC, CISPR, EN, ETS, TELCO (BELLCORE), VDE, ANSI, VCCI, MIL-STD, VG, DEF-STAN, and others. So, one criterion to keep in mind when setting up an EMI test facility or choosing a vendor for doing EMI testing is that it will need to run tests called out in all of the standards that are applicable to your product.

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Nov 13, 2017
EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) testing is a test to check the amount of electromagnetic interference in an electromagnetic environment caused by external devices or factors. Higher level of interference may result in damage or malfunctioning of any electronic equipment.