McQ Introduces Advanced Surveillance Sensor with Satellite and Terrestrial Communications

McQ Introduces Advanced Surveillance Sensor with Satellite and Terrestrial Communications

McQ has developed McQ RANGER, a low cost, very small, technologically advanced surveillance sensor to accurately detect and classify personnel, vehicles and aircraft at extended ranges. The new sensor can be easily deployed by hand or air dropped for perimeter defense of large remote areas, sensitive government and commercial facilities and for threat detection along roads and borders.

Advanced electronics and algorithms of the sensor achieve optimal detection and classification performance of an incoming person, vehicle, watercraft or aircraft, and can be delivered with specific target identifications for custom classification capabilities. Immediately upon detection, McQ RANGER communicates secure messages terrestrially through a built in Bluetooth or SubGHz radio directly to a tactical repeater or local operator.

When terrestrial communications are not an option, The McQ RANGER SAT enabled by the Iridium® Short Burst Data® service provides custom network protocols to ensure message delivery over SatCom to command centers anywhere in the world. The sensor information can be distributed via cloud-based connectivity, greatly reducing the cost of developing a communications infrastructure and can be integrated with surveillance information from other sources as part of the cloud database. The advanced algorithm engineering discriminates against nuisance activity of the natural environment or weather sending only accurate detections to allow operators to confidently and immediately assess and act upon a situation.

The deployment of the McQ RANGER is quick and easy, and maintenance is minimal. Each sensor is engineered for low power consumption and can be reused through inductively charging the battery, therefore eliminating the need to change batteries. Each sensor has a built in GPS for location identification and to easily populate a map based display. They are manufactured in a sealed molding and tested to withstand extreme environments and an internal tamper switch will alert the operator should a sensor be moved or compromised. The versatility of the sensor allows for efficient, successful short term tactical missions or long duration border or facility monitoring.

The proven capabilities of the McQ RANGER is evident in its current inclusion in military and law enforcement tactical kits, securing government assets, facilities and borders and the monitoring of oil and gas pipelines, national park and recreation areas, commercial construction sites and private property.

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