Antenna Research Associates Selects Enterprise Resource Management Solution from TIP Technologies

Antenna Research Associates Selects Enterprise Resource Management Solution from TIP Technologies

Antenna Research Associates, an essential supplier to the Department of Defense (DoD), had been struggling with disparate systems that required them to manually track quality data using spreadsheets and required assurance that their solution would support the latest government standards. As a reseller of TIP Technologies' applications, NeoSystems presented a comprehensive SaaS solution that would automate and provide complete product traceability, as well as monitor supplier performance, and link quality records directly to work orders.

TIP Technologies announced that Antenna Research Associates has selected its leading TIPQA Quality Management Solution, hosted on the secure FedRAMP Ready FISMA Moderate authorized platform, NeoSystems.Cloud, to improve quality initiatives such as product consistency, industry compliance, and supplier performance, through seamless Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) integration.

"We selected TIPQA for its ability to seamlessly integrate with our ERP system to allow for real-time data exchange in the secure environment of the NeoSystems Cloud," said Azhar Haq, Vice President, and CFO at Antenna Research Associates. "TIPQA provides us the quality functionality we need today with the opportunity to scale operations as we grow."

"We are seeing a growing demand from companies like Antenna Research Associates, who are seeking an all-inclusive solution to manage manufacturing operations," said Ron Dolan, President of TIP Technologies. "Together with our partner NeoSystems, we offer a robust quality solution that can be fully integrated with a customer's ERP, in an environment that is highly manageable and highly affordable to maintain."

"The optimization of Antenna Research Associates' systems will deliver immediate value by automating their processes for optimal efficiency and eliminating countless hours of data entry," said Michael Tinsley, President at NeoSystems. "Our extensive experience in data migration will ensure enhanced operations, with the added level of security and compliance that our integrated partner solution delivers."

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