Mercku and Aerial Partner to Bring Wi-Fi Sensing Services to the Market

Mercku and Aerial Partner to Bring Wi-Fi Sensing Services to the Market

Aerial Technologies, a Montreal-based AI company and Mercku, a Waterloo Canada-based Smart Home Connectivity company, have partnered to bring best-in-class Wi-Fi Sensing solutions to service providers.

Alex Qi, CEO of Mercku said that at Mercku, they pride themselves on leading the world's most innovative smart home products and with their new partnership alongside Aerial and their vision for ubiquitous sensing intelligence, together, they can enhance daily life globally.

Mercku is excited to welcome Aerial as their official Wi-Fi Sensing partner with Mercku's award-winning M6 AX system. The M6, Mercku's latest Wi-Fi 6 mesh router, was designed with the vision to connect the world through cutting-edge advancements in wireless communication technology, using their founders' decades of expertise in networking technology and their Red Dot Award winning design team. Mercku is laser-focused on pushing wireless technology boundaries to realize its mission to leverage the most advanced technology, building powerful smart home products to enhance daily life globally.

Aerial as the pioneer of Wi-Fi Sensing (with foundational patents dating back to 2010) has developed a Wi-Fi based Motion Intelligence platform with the mission to provide the most robust and advanced suite of ambient sensing-based applications to their service provider customers and partners.

Steve Sifferman, Aerial's CEO said that at Aerial they believe that great partners are key to experiencing the exciting true potential of Wi-Fi sensing and the services and applications it enables. He said that Mercku has a great platform and an innovative spirit which is akin to Aerial's qualities, and they are very excited to be working together.

As homes become more autonomous and connected, a robust Wi-Fi foundation is necessary for providing the ability to sense, simplify and secure their inhabitant's lives. This progressive outlook on the future of connectivity is at the core of the design and functionality of all Mercku products, and the M6 will serve as the platform for Aerial to push the limits of motion intelligence.

For their customers, this combination of Mercku's specialized RF hardware design and Aerial's AI powered software, ensures market leading Wi-Fi Sensing performance as well as provides a future-proof platform for deploying the most advanced services and applications in the industry.

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