AIM TTI Introduces 1.5/3 GHz Signal Generators with In-built Complex Modulation Options

AIM TTI Introduces 1.5/3 GHz Signal Generators with In-built Complex Modulation Options

Aim-TTi, a leading British manufacturer of electronic test and measurement instruments has introduced next generation RF signal generators that offers both exceptional performance and new improved functionality with touch screen operations. The TGR2050 Series of Signal Generators are available in two frequency configurations - 1.5 GHz and 3 GHz. The TGR2051 (1.5 GHz) and TGR2053 (3 GHz) Generators provide high frequency accuracy and stability, high signal purity with an excellent phase noise. They have an output power range from -127 to +13 dBm, and has flexible analog and digital modulation capabilities, making it ideal for development, test and service work.

The sweep function enables signals of varying frequency and/or amplitude to test a full range of input conditions, quickly and efficiently. Step sweeps are created according to a formula over a specified number of points, in the range 2-1000. Formula specifics include start and stop values and dwell time following SYNC at each point. Sweeps can be set to run in either direction, with linear or logarithmic spacing. Alternatively, list mode can be used to analyze the response at set frequencies and amplitude dwelling on set values for specified amounts of time; useful for testing at known problematic frequencies within a setup. The list can be created within the instrument or downloaded via the remote interfaces. The sweep setups can either run through as a single sweep or in a continuous loop and prompted by an internal, external or manual trigger. Complex sweep triggering is available to control complete sweeps and/or each point within a sweep.

The TGR-U01 option adds an extensive range of digital modulations: FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, HMSK, 3FSK, 4FSK, PSK, ASK and OOK. Built in NRZ patterns include Square wave, 7, 9, 11 & 15-bit PRBS. Digital modulation capabilities also include advanced filtering: Gaussian, Raised Cosine, Root Raised Cosine and Half Sine as well as Grey Code and Binary Encoding. External digital modulation signals can be applied to the carrier waveform via the MOD in/out on the rear panel.

A user-defined internal modulation pattern generator is included in which patterns can be created and used to modulate the carrier signal. This allows a uniquely tailored pattern of up to 16384 states to be created from the front panel. Alternatively, these can be imported using the digital interfaces or USB Flash drive port. Digital modulation and modulation patterns can be continuous or triggered externally, internally, manually or remotely.

Advanced remote control accommodates sophisticated new automated systems and compatibility with Aim-TTI's previous RF instruments enables incorporation into existing systems. With a small footprint and lightweight design and the best price point / performance ratio in its class, the TGR2050 series maintains Aim-TTi’s reputation for high quality, reliable, great value products.

The TGR2051 (1.5 GHz) model is priced at £1750/ €2000 / $2395 with an additional Digital Modulation option (TGR-U01) for  £400 / €465/ $525.

The TGR2053 (3 GHz) model is priced at £2800/ €3200 / $3832 with an additional Digital Modulation option (TGR-U01) for  £400 / €465/ $525.

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