Qorvo Adds Seven New Products to Spatium Family of High-Performance GaN Power Amplifiers

Qorvo Adds Seven New Products to Spatium Family of High-Performance GaN Power Amplifiers

Qorvo, a leading provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world introduced seven new Spatium GaN Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) products to its standard product portfolio. Spatium SSPAs are a revolutionary new way to enable applications including commercial and defense radar, electronic warfare (EW), and satellite communication, among others. Spatium SSPAs are a preferred alternative to older, lower performing, and expensive-to-operate traveling wave tube (TWT) designs.

Qorvo’s Spatium family of SSPAs offers customers the performance, reliability, and operational longevity needed for mission-critical applications. Spatium products are far superior to TWTs in both design and operation, enabling mission-critical systems that will be fully operational when customers need them most. An example of a Spatium-based application is the Green Bank Radio Telescope, which is setting new standards for ground-based radar exploration of space.

Roger Hall, general manager of Qorvo’s High-Performance Solutions (HPS) business, said, “Our Spatium products represent a revolution in solid-state power amplifier technology. Our products deliver unmatched and unprecedented performance and reliability. We now offer customers additional standard Spatium products to help upgrade existing commercial and defense systems.”

These seven new SSPA standard products are available for sampling to qualified customers and offer the following specifications:

Spatium Technology was originally developed by CAP Wireless, which was acquired by TriQuint in 2013, followed by the merger between RFMD and TriQuint to form Qorvo.

Qorvo offers the industry’s largest, most innovative GaN-on-SiC portfolio to help customers realize superior efficiency and operational bandwidth in many different applications spanning multiple market segments. The company’s GaN-on-SiC products deliver high power density, reduced size, excellent gain, high reliability, and process maturity and are the perfect starting point for the Spatium standard product family. Qorvo is a leading supplier of RF products and compound semiconductor foundry services to commercial and defense customers, including other global defense and aerospace customers. Qorvo is the only supplier to achieve a Manufacturing Readiness Level 10 (MRL 10) rating from the U.S. Department of Defense.

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