HUBER+SUHNER Launches 6x6 MIMO Antenna to Support Wi-Fi 6E on Trains

HUBER+SUHNER Launches 6x6 MIMO Antenna to Support Wi-Fi 6E on Trains

HUBER+SUHNER has launched the SENCITY OMNI-SR Slim 6x6 MIMO antenna to meet the demand for next-generation technologies. It is an upgrade to the renowned 3x3 MIMO rail antenna already on the market, keeping costs and installation effort low. This antenna is suitable for use around the world in bands up to 7.125 GHz to provide fast connectivity and Wi-Fi 6E onboard. The antennas can be used with SPUMA and RADOX RF cables up to 8 GHz. These upgraded cables are certified for use in the EU as well as the USA, allowing for flexible distribution and global usage of the products.

We are now living in an increasingly digitally-driven society where reliable Wi-Fi is a key aspect of everyday life, and this is true whether you are at home, or on the move. The rail passengers of today expect the same connectivity on board as they do when relaxing at home. They want to work, communicate, or stream movies while traveling by train, which has led to an increase in demand for higher data throughput rates.

HUBER+SUHNER knows that this is a real challenge for rail operators globally, as they need to incorporate solutions that work reliably regardless of the local landscape, infrastructure, public network, and the constant changing of load and data requirements. Antennas play a key role in meeting this demand, acting as the crucial link between the train’s network and passenger devices. To guarantee seamless Wi-Fi, high-performance wireless antenna solutions are required.

Train carriages are often dense environments with multiple users requiring seamless connectivity at the same time, which we know is a real challenge. With this antenna, users can reap the benefits of reliable, high-quality connectivity. Passengers will experience faster internet speeds, especially on routes with high passenger loads, keeping them happy and connected.

The SENCITY OMNI-SR Slim 6x6 MIMO antenna is compatible with Wi-Fi 6E for future-proofing and gives the building blocks needed to design high-performance on-board connectivity that meets demand with ease and is intended for the long term.  

Global Certification

There are two common certifications for rail products that operators must comply with. The first is the European certification EN45545, and the other is the United States certification NFPA-130. Usually, a rail antenna product only has one certification, which limits its use. To overcome this issue, HUBER+SUHNER developed the first globally certified product. By ensuring global certification, the antennas can be used worldwide, on any type of train, offering the highest efficiency and flexibility.

Easy Upgrade Path

With antennas visible inside the carriage, they must be discrete and compact, while still offering the high performance required. A flexible, simple-to-use solution can keep the costs low and require minimal skill for installation.

For over a decade HUBER+SUHNER has provided a leading rail portfolio, and the 3x3 MIMO antenna has become the most popular in-carriage railway antenna on the market, found on thousands of trains globally. The SENCITY OMNI-SR Slim 6x6 MIMO antenna is designed to have the same dimensions and mounting as its predecessor. This allows for an easy upgrade compatible with new technologies, that simply slots into the same place as the 3x3 MIMO antenna. This puts the mind at ease, with quick, hassle-free installation and no damage to the installation surface.

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