Global MilSatCom 2021 to Take Place in London from 2-4 November 2021

Global MilSatCom 2021 to Take Place in London from 2-4 November 2021

The SMi Group announced that the 23rd Annual Global MilSatCom Conference and Exhibition will be taking place on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November 2021, with a Focus Day on Disruptive Technology taking place 1st November 2021. As the leading military communications event for satellite professionals, Global MilSatCom provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet with senior decision makers from defence agencies, militaries, governments and industry from across the globe, providing fantastic interactive opportunities through conference sessions, networking receptions and an exhibition hall.

The MilSatCom community finds itself at an inflection point: superiority and safety in the space domain has mostly been a given for NATO-allied militaries; technology to enhance interoperability has, overall, been underemphasized and underdeveloped; and a commander’s operational SATCOM capabilities have rarely been impeded by hostile actions. Nowadays, however, a radically different picture has emerged: the space domain is becoming very competitive as near-peer adversaries challenge the status quo; it is becoming increasingly apparent through the re-emergence of near-peer threats that every segment of a SATCOM system must be more interoperable to enable better communications in coalition; and both near-peer and irregular adversaries are frequently demonstrating their ability to impede effective communications on the battlefield.

Global MilSatCom 2021 aims to respond to these challenges. With briefings from senior officials from the world’s leading militaries and solution providers, discussions on key issues such as international SATCOM architectural convergence and flexibility of ground terminals, attendance from every significant MilSatCom program, dedicated exhibition halls, and a whole day on disruptive technology in space, Global MilSatCom will shape the way ahead and provide an unrivalled opportunity for collaboration and partnership.

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Key themes/sessions of this year’s Global MilSatCom conference will be:

  • Day One: Morning dedicated to the UK MoD's SATCOM and space development plans, including an opening keynote address from Commander UK Space Command and Director Space and an update on SKYNET from UK Strategic Command
  • US focus with updates and presentations from SMC, Space Delta 8, COMSATCOM Office, US DOD CIO, US Army PM Tactical Network, USCENTCOM and more
  • International updates from France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hungary, Romania, Luxembourg and Belgium
  • Session dedicated to SATCOM in Coalition with a Panel Debate on International Architectural Convergence
  • Disruptive Technology Focus Day with a ground-breaking UK Space Launch panel discussion with Spaceport Cornwall, Shetland Space Centre, Sutherland Space Hub, Prestwick Spaceport and Spaceport 1

The Host Nation Keynote Speakers Include: 

  • Air Vice-Marshal Paul Godfrey, Commander, UK Space Command
  • Air Vice-Marshal Harvey Smyth, Director Space, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Commander Jason Strutt, SO1 Space, Capability C4ISR, UK Strategic Command
  • Ms Becky Swanborough, C1 Space International Partnering, Capability C4ISR, UK Strategic Command
  • Mr Peter Lymn, Satellite Communications International Collaboration Lead, Defence Digital, UK Strategic Command
  • Mr Barry Austin, Skynet 6 Program Manager and Deputy Head of Networks, Defence Digital, UK Strategic Command
  • Chair:  Dr Joanna Hart, Harwell Space Cluster Development Manager, UKRI STFC

International Military and Government Speakers Include:

  • Colonel Ryan Colburn, Chief, Spectrum Warfare Division, SMC, US Space Force
  • Ms Deanna Ryals, Chief Partnership Officer, SMC, US Space Force
  • Mr Cameron Stoltz, Director Space Requirements, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Mr Kirk Leech, SATCOM Service Area Owner, Capability Branch, New Zealand Defence Force
  • Commander Marina Ballanger, SATCOM & PNT International Affairs, DGA
  • Mr Mike Dean, DOD SATCOM Chief, US DOD CIO
  • Mr Giovanni Durando, SATCOM Service Area Owner, NATO Communications and Information Agency
  • Colonel Matthew Holston, Commander, Space Delta 8, US Space Force 
  • Ms Clare Grason, Chief, Commercial Satellite Communications Office, US Space Force
  • Colonel Shane Taylor, PM Tactical Network, PEO C3T, US Army
  • Mr Geoffroy Beaudot, Head of Space and Cyber Department, Luxembourg DoD
  • Lieutenant Colonel Attila Horvath, Force Planning, Hungarian Defence Force
  • Colonel Mihai Burlacu, Deputy J6, Romanian Armed Forces
  • Mr Holger Lueschow, Programme Manager Satellite Communications & Project Officer Radio Spectrum, European Defence Agency
  • Squadron Leader Tom Gallagher, SATCOM Programme Manager, NATO ACT

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