DARPA Licenses 5G Physical Layer IP from AccelerComm to Improve Spectrum Efficiency

DARPA Licenses 5G Physical Layer IP from AccelerComm to Improve Spectrum Efficiency

AccelerComm, the company supercharging 5G with physical layer IP which increases spectral efficiency and reduces latency, has announced an agreement with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Under the terms of the agreement, AccelerComm will provide access to its physical layer product portfolio that reduces error rates and maximises spectral efficiency of satellite, cellular and other communications networks to DARPA’s researchers under the DARPA Toolbox initiative.

AccelerComm’s physical layer product portfolio includes complete channel coding IP solutions that deliver reduced latency, high-reliability, and low power consumption for the most critical components of the 5G physical layer. The company’s IP packages can be quickly integrated and flexibly delivered for use in custom silicon (ASIC), programmable hardware (FPGA) or as software solutions, covering all use cases within current standards.

The DARPA Toolbox initiative is an Agency-wide effort to provide open licensing opportunities with commercial technology vendors to the researchers behind DARPA programs. DARPA Toolbox provides easy, low-cost, scalable access to state-of-the-art tools and intellectual property (IP) under predictable legal terms and streamlined acquisition procedures. The goal is to reduce performer reliance on low-quality, low-cost tools and IP that increase execution risks and complicate post-DARPA transitions.

Through this initiative, DARPA performers are granted access to select vendor tools and technologies throughout the life of their contractual relationship with the Agency. The Toolbox suppliers bring to the table proven technologies commonly used in state-of-the art commercial microelectronics or system design methodologies.

Serge Leef, Program Manager, leading DARPA Toolbox said that the toolbox initiative makes proven cutting edge technologies available to their researchers. He also said that adding AccelerComm’s IP to the toolbox initiative strengthens the portfolio of communications IP available to their researchers.

Rob Barnes, Chief Commercial Officer at AccelerComm said that high-performance, high-reliability, spectrally-efficient communications systems are critical in today’s world in both civilian and defense applications. He also said that they are delighted to have been selected for the DARPA Toolbox initiative to bring their deployment proven IP from the worlds of 5G and Satellite to help researchers develop advanced and innovative projects.

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