Trending SATCOM Products in 2021: September Edition

Trending SATCOM Products in 2021: September Edition

SATCOM equipment is an integral part of communication in the commercial and defense industry. The deployment of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites and constellations of satellites for communications applications has increased their demand across the globe. Other factors driving the market growth include growing demand for Ku- and Ka-band satellites, and the growing fleet of autonomous and connected vehicles used for various applications in the military and commercial sectors, which satellite connectivity via SATCOM-on-the-move antennas. everything RF has compiled a list of trending SATCOM products to showcase the increasing capabilities of these solutions. This article lists trending SATCOM products on everything RF in 2021.

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300/400/500 W X-Band GaN SSPA BUCs from 7.9 to 8.4 GHz

The Cascade-X Line of BUCs from Advantech Wireless are X-Band GaN SSPA BUCs that up-convert an input frequency from 950 - 1450 MHz to an output frequency from 7.9 - 8.4 GHz. They are available in multiple output power configurations of 300/400/500 W with a gain of more than 70 dB. The BUCs require an AC supply voltage of 220 V and consume less than 2500 W of power. These redundant-ready BUCs have optional features like a 10 MHz reference, output sample port, and a remote control unit.  Learn more.

Ka-Band Multi-Role Airborne SATCOM Terminal

The GX46 from Orbit Communications is a Ka-Band Airborne SATCOM Terminal optimized for use over Inmarsat’s GX constellation and fully interoperable with the US/Australia Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) system. It has a Tx frequency range from 29 to 31 GHz and an Rx frequency range from 19.2 to 21.2 GHz. It requires a DC supply of 28 V. The terminal has a 4-port, 46 cm circular polarized antenna which is fully integrated with modems, electronics, and software. Learn more.

Ka-Band GaN Block Upconverter from 30 to 31 GHz

The SB46KAA from CPI is a Ka-band GaN Block Upconverter designed for IFEC satellite uplink applications. It upconverts an input frequency from 950 - 1950 MHz to an output frequency from 30 - 31 GHz. The BUC delivers a linear output power of up to 30 W with a gain of more than 60 dB. This BUC is based on state-of-the-art Gallium Nitride (GaN) HEMT technology which provides better efficiency compared to GaAs-based products. The BUC is suitable for in-flight entertainment and connectivity applications. It operates on an AC supply of 115 V and consumes up to 500 W of power. Learn more.

Ku-Band GaN SSPA+BUC from 13.75 to 14.5 GHz for Airborne Applications

The Falcon 100Ku from Comtech Xicom Technology is a Ku-band SSPA+BUC that up-converts an input frequency from 950 - 1700 MHz to an output frequency from 13.75 – 14.5 GHz. It delivers a saturated output power of 100 W and linear output power of 50 W with a gain of 70 dB. It has a phase noise of -103 dBc/Hz @1 MHz and harmonics of -60 dBc. This DO-160 compliant BUC provides extensive data logging, attenuation control, full calibration capabilities, and web GUI features. Learn more.

Quad Band (C, X, Ku, Ka) Satellite Simulator System

The QSS-131000 from Atlantic Microwave is a Quad Band Satellite Simulator System that is designed to provide a loop-back test for multiple bands and ground stations. It makes testing multiple frequencies easier and provides time savings like up to four ground terminals can be tested at the same time, rather than having to set up individual systems for each one. The Tx antenna is left-hand circular polarized, Rx antenna is right-hand circular polarized, and both provide a nominal gain of 5 dB (C and X Band) and 15 dB (Ku and Ka Band). Learn more.

1 to 60 MHz MEMS-Based TCXO for Airborne and Terrestrial Applications

The SiT5146 from SiTime is a MEMS Super-TCXO that operates from 1 to 60 MHz. It has frequency stability of ±0.5 to ±2.5 ppm and an acceleration sensitivity of 0.004 ppb/g. The oscillator has a 1 Hz step size and provides an LVCMOS or clipped sinewave output. It requires a DC supply voltage of 2.5 V/2.8 V/3.0 V/3.3 V and consumes less than 57 mA of current. The oscillator is available in a surface-mount package that measures 5.0 x 3.2 mm and is suitable for use in ballistics, missiles, munitions, military portable radios, ruggedized communications networks, precision GNSS systems, SATCOM, transponders, military, defense, space, and avionics systems. Learn more.

Ka-Band Low Noise Amplifier from 17.7 to 20.2 GHz

The ACLNA-Ka-E84-V1 from Acorde is a Low Noise Amplifier that operates from 17.7 to 20.2 GHz. It provides more than 50 dB of gain with a noise figure of less than 1.6 dB and an output P1dB of over 20 dBm. The amplifier requires a DC supply of 12-28 V and consumes 200 mA of current. It is ideal for ground, SOTP, SOTM, maritime, and military communication systems. The amplifier is available in a RAL 9003 (white) package that measures 95 x 50 x 32 mm and has a WR42 grooved input interface and SMA-Female output connectors. Learn more.

Single-Stage Downconverter with RF Frequency from 20 to 40 GHz

The SC5320A from SignalCore is a Single-stage Downconverter that converts an input RF frequency from 20 - 40 GHz to output IF frequency from 100 MHz - 4 GHz. It has an external LO frequency range from 10 to 20 GHz. The downconverter features an internal synthesized local oscillator, selectable RF preamplifier, and variable gain control together enabling standalone functionality. The SC5320A can be configured for SISO applications or paired together with multiple units for MIMO applications. Learn more.

25 W C-Band Integrated Transceivers for VSAT Networks

The AM-9441/2 Series from Amplus Communication are C-Band Integrated Transceivers that are designed for VSAT networks. While transmitting, they upconvert an input frequency of 70 MHz to 5850 - 7025 MHz and while receiving, they down-convert a frequency from 3400 - 4800 MHz to 70 MHz. In the transmit (Tx) mode, they provide an output P1dB of up to 25 W with a gain of above 53 dB and have a gain adjustment of 31 dB with a 0.5 dB step size. The AM-9441/2 Series transceivers are available in weather-proof IP65-rated enclosures with N-type and CPR-229G I/O interfaces.  Learn more.

Ka-Band Low Noise Block from 17.7 to 22.2 GHz

The ACLNBW-Ka-E45-V3 from Acorde is a Ka-Band Low Noise Block that downconverts an input RF frequency from 17.7-22.2 GHz to an IF Frequency from 1000 - 2150 MHz. It provides a gain of over 60 dB with a noise figure of 1.8 dB @ 25°C and an OP1dB of 10 dBm. The LNB has an internal 10 MHz reference source with more than 40 dB of image rejection. This LNB is available in a module that measures 140 x 155 x 40 mm with grooved WR42 interface as input and N-type female connectors at output. Learn more.

125 W Compact GaN + GaAs BUC from 13.75 to 14.5 GHz

The APKU125 from AMKOM is a Ku-Band BUC that converts an input frequency from 950 - 1700 MHz to an output frequency from 13.75 - 14.5 GHz. It delivers a saturated output power of 125 W with a gain of 80 dB. The BUC has a fixed 13.05 GHz Local Oscillator with an external auto-sensing reference of 10 MHz. It is available in an enclosure that measures 215 x 132 x 114 mm and weighs only 4.2 kg (9.2 lbs). The APKU125 is designed using a tough aerospace-grade aluminum-based metal with excellent heat disposal properties. It has an in-built band-reject filter (on the Rx end) with 20 dB suppression and has an anti-vibration technology for extreme stability and reliability.  Learn more.

50 W Rugged Ka-Band BUC from 27.5 to 30 GHz

The WBAN-050G01-0005 from Wavestream is a Block Upconverter that converts an input IF signal from 950 MHz - 1950 MHz to output RF frequencies from 27.5 - 28.5 GHz, 28.25 - 29.25 GHz, and 29.0 - 30.0 GHz. It delivers a saturated output power of 47 dBm with a small signal gain of 62.5 dB in 0.25 dB steps. It operates on GEO, MEO, and LEO Ka-Band satellites. The WBAN-050G01-0005 includes L-band to Ka-band upconversion, serial/Ethernet monitor and control, adjustable attenuation, and forward and reverse output power monitoring. Learn more.

IP65-Rated C-Band Transceivers for VSAT Satellite Earth Stations

The AM-9444 Series from Amplus Communication are C-Band Transceivers with a transmit frequency from 5850 to 7025 MHz and a receive frequency from 3400 to 4800 MHz. On the Tx side, they deliver an output power of 100/120/150/200 W with a gain of 80 dB and have a gain adjustment of 30 dB in 0.5 dB steps. The transceivers have a frequency step size of 1 MHz and frequency stability of ±0.02 ppm. The transceivers are based on field-proven, high-reliability microwave components with innovative, patent-pending packaging techniques and intelligent digital control for high performance in a low-cost space-saving design. Learn more.

50/75 Ohm Ku-band PLL Low Noise Block

The AL1012010 from Actox is a Ku-band PLL Low Noise Block that down-converts an input RF frequency from 10.95 - 12.75 GHz to 950 - 2750 MHz. This 50/75-ohms LNB has a conversion gain of 55 dB, a noise figure of less than 1 dB, and a P1dB of over 5 dBm. It requires a DC supply voltage from 12 to 24 V and draws 350 mA of current. It is available in a module that measures 111.5 x 60.0 x 41.6 mm with N or F-type connectors at the input and WR-75 flange, grooved interface at the output. Learn more.


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