Thales and Ritek Collaborate to Expand Military Radar Opportunities in Norway

Thales and Ritek Collaborate to Expand Military Radar Opportunities in Norway

Thales and Ritek, a Norwegian mechanical engineering company, announced their collaboration on radar development in Norway. The collaboration will increase the Norwegian footprint in the domain of radars and strengthen the development of an important SME in the defense value chain in Norway.

The Norwegian Defence Material Agency (NDMA) signed an agreement with the Netherlands Defence Material Organisation (DMO) for five Thales Ground Master 200 multi-mission compact radars (GM200 MM/C) in May 2021. Ritek will perform the vehicle integration of the counter-battery radars.

The Ground Master 200 Multi Mission family (GM200 MM) is the new generation of Thales’ medium range ground radar including Thales 4D AESA technology. It benefits from Thales GM200 and NS100/200 technology background and many years fielded experience of more than 20 user groups.

Morten Minsaas, COO of Ritek comments: "Ritek’s collaboration with Thales has developed over the last two years, from initial discussions about integrating the artillery locating radar on a carrier, to now also include additional collaboration on future projects. The projects we cooperate on are very challenging and will contribute in developing Ritek further as an integration partner for demanding international OEMs, within the defence industry, as well as a new business area for us.”

Nils Toverud, CEO of Thales in Norway stated: "Creating a strong footprint in Norway is important for Thales. We are delighted to collaborate with Ritek, a competent and trustworthy partner, with a long history supporting the armed forces and strong commitment to quality and delivering on time – an excellent collaborator and we look forward to working hand in hand.”

Thales has 300 employees in Norway, who deliver high grade communication technology to both Norway, NATO and allies, as well as a variety of services and technology solutions, including transport, secure communication, passports, ID-cards, and defence technology.

When the Netherlands and Norway signed the agreement for the counter-battery radars, Chief Investment Officer in the Norwegian Defence Material Agency, Rear Admiral Bjørge Aase, commented: “The contract will give the Armed Forces a new counter-battery radar with excellent protection, mobility, range and accuracy to be utilized in all types of operations both nationally and internationally.”

Morten Minsaas, COO of Ritek concludes: “We expect both financial and organic growth in addition to export opportunities based on our collaboration with Thales. If we succeed together, we foresee an increase in our staff from the current 55 to close to 70 employees - a significant growth for a regional SME like Ritek. Thales will, through the industrial cooperation ambitions, provide Ritek with know-how and technology transfer. Through this, Thales will contribute to a challenging and very interesting development for our employees, as well as the company as such.”

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