Spark Connected and TDK Launch In-Cabin Wireless Charging Solution for the Automotive Sector

Spark Connected and TDK Launch In-Cabin Wireless Charging Solution for the Automotive Sector

Spark Connected, a global leader in developing advanced and innovative wireless power technology, announced the launch of The Beast 2.0 – an automotive in-cabin wireless charging solution with TDK’s newest pattern coil technology.

The first-generation Beast 1.0, which was Qi-certified and released to the market in 2018, was the industry’s first solution to come pre-certified CISPR-25 Class 5, providing unparalleled EMC performance in the market. This technology is currently deployed in 2021 vehicle models worldwide.

The new Beast 2.0, together with TDK’s pattern coil, is a 15 W automotive in-cabin wireless charging solution that meets Qi v1.3 requirements. It provides class-leading EMC performance, a wide input supply range with continuous charging even during vehicle stop/starts events and superior user safety including Foreign Object Detection (FOD).

According to Ruwanga Dassanayake, COO at Spark Connected, “After the market success of The Beast 1.0, the Spark team did what they do best, and made a great solution even better. We are excited to introduce the next generation Beast 2.0 and pair it with TDK’s newest cutting-edge pattern coil technology, providing our customers with advanced features and a level of performance not available in the market today.”

TDK’s pattern coil technology leverages proven mature processes, materials, and manufacturing techniques. The copper coil pattern is created by a plating process used in TDK’s power inductors for over 15 years and allows for thinner solutions over traditional wire-wound coils. The ultra-thin magnetic shield utilizes manganese-zinc (Mn-Zn) ferrite that provides higher permeability (µ’) and saturation magnetic flux density (Bs) values. The ferrite shield construction makes use of a “wet” layering process resulting in thinner and non-rigid shields and eliminating the need for high tonnage pressing. These features, along with unique multi-layer coil construction, provide a uniform, automotive robust wireless charging coil.

“Wireless charging has become increasingly important for devices like smartphones, and we strive to create a world where you don’t need to carry around a charger or mobile battery, where you can charge devices by simply setting them down – inside cars, on tables in cafes or restaurants, waiting for areas in stations and airports,” said Noritaka Chiyo, Subsection Head of the Communication Devices Business Group, TDK. “Thin coils will greatly contribute to this charging evolution because they can easily be installed almost anywhere – including to power automotive in-cabin charging, such as Spark Connected’s industry-leading Beast 2.0 solution.”

Highlights of TDK coil technology:

  • Single coil pattern that replaces existing tri-coil solutions thus reducing part count and cost.
  • Thinner, lighter weight – down to 0.75 mm thickness for 15 W coil.
  • Removal of charging efficiency “voids” and “valleys” over complete coil pattern.

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