Ultra Has Developed MERTS for Mobile Electronic Warfare and Radar Conformance Testing

Ultra Has Developed MERTS for Mobile Electronic Warfare and Radar Conformance Testing

The MERTS (Mobile EW and Radar Test System) from Ultra Electronics is a fully mobile, turnkey system to Test & Evaluation the capability of field applications. The MERTS equipment is housed in an air conditioned ISO container and enables on site test and evaluation of radar and EW systems as well as operator training. The transmitter and antenna system features a TV camera pointing and tracking facility, GPS tracking and blind tracking from external radar inputs. The system utilises high power TWTAs which can deliver an ERP of 90 dBm (1 MW).

The ISO container can be configured to meet individual bespoke solutions. The container can act as a central control facility housing the RF simulators and feeding ancillary platforms with RF via a wideband RF-over-Fibre Photonic link. This multi-modular system can also include both the Chameleon (Radar Target and ECM Simulators) and RSS8000 systems ((Radar Threat Simulators) integrated into one operational unit.

The MERTS is currently in service with several countries and is used as an EW training asset on dedicated ranges and as a mobile ESM calibration facility for naval applications.

Key Features

  • The mobile, complete solution for radar threat and ECM/radar target signal generation
  • Turnkey radar & EW test, evaluation and calibration system
  • 0.5 GHz to 40 GHz coverage
  • Can include ECM (Chameleon) and Radar
  • Threat Generation (RSS8000)
  • Antenna AZ/EL Positioner with TV camera control & video/GPS tracking
    • Can take external radar inputs
  • High power TWTA’S, high gain antennas
  • In-service, reliable and proven performance

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