VELDAR Introduced Long Range 4D Imaging Radar for the Automotive Industry

VELDAR Introduced Long Range 4D Imaging Radar for the Automotive Industry

VELDAR announced that the groundbreaking ViSight Auto 4D imaging sensor is now ready for customer evaluation. ViSight Auto is a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar with electronic beam-steering, designed to operate at W-band frequencies between 76 and 81 GHz. It’s built on decades of experience and innovation in the design of high-performance radar systems with the latest advanced hardware, software, signal processing, and algorithm techniques.

With pedestrian detection beyond 300 meters, small vehicle detection beyond 600 meters, and a point cloud detection rate of over 150,000 points per second, ViSight delivers high-resolution radar data in all weather conditions, at ranges never before demonstrated with automotive radar.

ViSight Auto provides range, azimuth, elevation, and velocity data for all points in the scene over a gigabit Ethernet connection, making it simple to integrate and the best option for vehicle and pedestrian imaging and obstacle detection in degraded visual environments (DVE) including low light fog, smog, dust, rain, and snow.

ViSight Auto is a software-defined, multimode radar. It has the resolution needed to navigate urban environments with confidence, and flexibility that supports many applications, such as passenger cars, commercial trucks, agricultural vehicles, construction and mining vehicles, robots, buses, and high-speed trains.

The system provides user-selectable range modes from 25 to 600 meters and user-tunable configurations of resolution, scene coverage, and scene update rate for application versatility. ViSight Auto can also use the vehicle’s IMU/GPS data to enable speed-based mode control, optimizing the data delivered to the vehicle’s perception engine and reducing the number of sensor inputs needed to achieve autonomy.

ViSight Auto delivers all of this functionality in a miniature 13 x 9 x 4 cm package that weighs under 700g.

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