Cobham SATCOM’s SAILOR 4300 L-band Terminal Receives Regulatory Approval for Operation in Japan

Cobham SATCOM’s SAILOR 4300 L-band Terminal Receives Regulatory Approval for Operation in Japan

Cobham SATCOM, the market-leading provider of radio and satellite communications solutions, has announced that it has received regulatory approval from Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) to allow for Japanese adoption of its SAILOR 4300. The approval of SAILOR 4300 L-band follows the MIC’s regulatory approval of Iridium Certus broadband.

A standalone solution or VSAT companion terminal, SAILOR 4300 L-band, leverages decades of L-band expertise and enables users to access affordable, fast internet speeds through Iridium’s upgraded, low latency satellite network. As the leading antenna for Iridium Certus, with more than 4,000 terminals ordered, the solution supports reliable voice and data applications and everyday usage including, email and electronic reporting, crew communication, and automated synchronization of Enterprise Business systems.

The approval of the SAILOR 4300 L-band will enable those operating Japanese flagged vessels to capitalize on high-performing, proven connectivity and market-leading expertise. The solution will help raise standards for safety at sea and operational efficiency and will be of particular value to Japan’s extensive merchant and fishing fleets, which require rapid, reliable and cost-effective connectivity. The approval comes at a time when Cobham SATCOM is growing its presence in the region, to further support its users on the ground with technical and commercial expertise.

Peter Kiær, SVP, Head of Maritime at Cobham SATCOM said that they are pleased to announce the regulatory approval of the SAILOR 4300 L-band in Japan. The approval showcases the strength of their partnership with Iridium spanning over two decades – the output of which continues to enhance the maritime industry. By enabling the Japanese fleet to unlock access to cost-effective, high-performing connectivity, they are proud to play a vital role in enabling safer and more efficient operations at sea. On a global level, the approval of the SAILOR 4300 L-band in such an important geographical area marks another step towards the maritime industry’s digital transformation.

Wouter Deknopper, Vice President and General Manager at Maritime Line of Business at Iridium said that as a world-class L-band solution provider, they are pleased to see the SAILOR 4300 approved for use across the Japanese fleet with their network. The announcement is not only reflective of their strong heritage and market expertise as partners but is a vital step forward for maritime connectivity. They are proud to continue to play their part in keeping those operating in some of the world’s toughest conditions safe and connected.

The SAILOR platform has been established in the global maritime industry for decades, with more than 300,000 antennas in the field on all vessel types in all oceans. The software-controlled antenna is upgraded and iterated in line with new technologies, providing future-proof connectivity for ship owners and operators.

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