Avnet Offers Otava's New MATLAB based RF and mmWave Component Tools for System Designers

Avnet Offers Otava's New MATLAB based RF and mmWave Component Tools for System Designers

Otava’s Model Explorer apps for its Tunable Filter ICs and its Wideband Beamformer IC model for customer system evaluation and analysis are now available from Avnet, a leading global technology distributor and solutions provider. These products allow system developers to get a jump start on designs by modeling before building.

Otava’s tunable filter ICs include the OTFL101 (2.5 – 7.5 GHz), OTFL201 (14 – 24 GHz), and OTFL301 (24 – 40 GHz) all of which exhibit high IP3 linearity, relatively low loss, a wide tuning range of the center frequency, and an ultra-miniaturized footprint. Otava has developed accurate behavioral models, based on measured results of the fabricated devices, for use in system chain analysis and optimization. These data driven models predict performance results very accurately in response to the user defined input controls. This advanced capability allows for a thorough exploration of the device’s degrees of freedom.

These models are an example of the Otava philosophy of providing RF system enabling components, with end-to-end user support.” said Leo Pellon, Otava’s Senior Technical Fellow, “Otava will continue to innovate and provide additional capabilities in future filter products, which will include reconfiguration as a game changing capability.” 

In addition to the Tunable Filter Model Explorer apps, Otava and MathWorks also co-developed a wideband 24-40 GHz OTBF103 Beamformer IC Simulink model. Based on actual measurements, this Simulink model allows verifying and optimizing the system performance in different operating conditions while considering the impact of impedance mismatches, antenna array mutual coupling, and non-linearity. Circuit envelope RF simulation and testbenches will allow designers to integrate the Beamformer IC into wideband RF systems, including predicting the performance of modulated waveforms combined with phased array beamforming algorithms. This model can assist in developing application specific specifications of systems employing the Otava Beamformer IC, where applications include 5G, SATCOM, RADAR and Multifunction Arrays.

Enabling the validation of RF designs through simulation is vital, not only to assess design tradeoffs, but also to ensure that the resulting hardware design will work as intended. Accurate measurement-based RF models such as the ones from Otava allow users to innovate and get to market quickly with new wireless products,” said Giorgia Zucchelli, product manager, RF & AMS at MathWorks.

Systems designers can get an early and accurate start with these new Otava components by using the models before physical evaluation. In the MATLAB and Simulink environments, the tunable filter and Beamformer IC device parameters can be meaningfully explored,” said Jim Beneke, Vice President of Products and Emerging Technologies, Avnet.

Click here to learn more about Otava's new Simulink Models in collaboration with MathWorks.

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